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Overseas property investment is rapidly becoming a huge industry: sizeable ventures have been made by savvy British investors searching for astronomical financial returns, a holiday home, or a peaceful milieu for retirement. Whether these investors are doing it to improve their quality of life or the size of their wad, there are new opportunities springing up all over the world for potential artful investors, as economies are boosted by developing industries.

Morocco property, for example, has taken off in recent years, quickly becoming one of the world's top emerging luxury markets. Not only is the Mediterranean climate consistently hot, but fantastic bargains can be had due to low Moroccan property prices - compared with, say, the UK's outlandish domestic property prices, properties in Bulgaria are an absolute steal. Properties in Bulgaria have also generated plenty of investment activity in the past few decades, ever since 1990 when the country attained democracy after being concealed by the iron curtain for so many years. However, with 354km of beaches as well as three beautiful ski resorts. Property prices have remained low since the country's emancipation from communism, even though the lifestyle offered in the country has vastly improved with the onset of relative social, economic and political stability.

Similarly, property in Dubai has attracted interest since its oil reserves have rapidly accelerated the country's economic worth, making its property market by far the most developed in the Middle East. Constant modernisation since the last 3 decades of the 20th century have brought Dubai into the 21st century with aplomb - it boasts the highest living standards in the Middle East, even if 90% of the land is covered in desert.

While the first thing that may spring to mind when hearing the word Brazil may be football, it's interesting to note that while the country does still suffer from the poverty issues that might detract the average investor from being interested in Brazil properties, many areas of Brazil are prosperous and secure, and it is these areas that appeal to foreign buyers. For the average price of a house in the UK (around £210,000), you can almost literally have your pick of properties in Brazil - that kind of money could afford you an 8-bedroom nirvana 200 metres from the beach, complete with swimming pool and plenty of room for expansion.