Must Try DIY Rustic Chandelier Ideas For Your Home




Rustic house design is a warm and inviting style. Its warm natural colors are pleasing to the eye and give tremendous comfort. Most individuals are scared to attempt this style because they believe it belongs only in the countryside.

Living in a city or an apartment doesn't mean you can't design in this way. All you need is some imagination and inspiration. We're here for inspiration like a rustic chandelier guaranteed to provide.

These so-called DIY projects provide you with greater flexibility and enable you to select the resources, style, color, and all the other elements. Let's have a look at some suggestions.


Hemp string pendant lamp

They appear so intricate, and yet they are so simple to construct. These pendant lights are a terrific weekend DIY. You need bouncy balls, transparent drying craft glue, and hemp twine to create one. To go 400 yards, you'll need a 16" diameter ball. A 14-inch ball travels 300 yards, whereas a 9-inch ball travels just 100 yards.

First, draw a circle on the ball. The part of the lamp that must be kept free of the string is shown in this circle. Once the glue has been applied, begin wrapping the hemp around the ball. It is then time to deflate and remove the ball from its light source using an inflating needle. Install the cables and hardware, and your pendant light is done.


Floral basket chandelier

With the many parallels between a basket and a lampshade, upcycling one into the other is simple, but it also makes logic. Such a beautiful light fixture may be seen here. A shade ring secures a vast flower basket in place. There are no handles on this basket, and the light and airy form allows light to pass through and produce a pleasant glow.


Rope pendant

The rope is also an excellent material for many do-it-yourself and craft projects. Rustic or seaside designs benefit greatly from this material's ability to weave patterns and motifs. Among the best examples is this pendant light. Simply a hanging planter basket and sisal rope are all you need to make it. The planter's form and robust structure were ideal for this project's framework.


Hanging basket lamp

Why not go for a more rustic look? Recreated designs' hanging pendant light is a perfect match for this design. Reusing an old picking basket resulted in this unique design. Make it into a piece of art by locating it in a corner and transforming it into a work of art. Because of this, don't be afraid to make adjustments and customize your basket based on what kind of material you choose.


Outdoor concrete lamp

You'll need a mold for this project. You get to choose both the size and form of the item. A primary solution would be preferable in this case. For this portion, plywood will work well. Apply many thick coats of varnish or lacquer to seal in color and protect it from damage.

The mold will be kept dry, and the surface will be smooth. Next, the wiring will be added. Styrofoam may be used for this purpose. Start with the most accessible sides and work your way up to the more complex ones while demolding. Wait a few more hours for the concrete to fully dry. After that, you have to add a bulb to complete the project.



Every architecture, palette, and texture component must be infused with warmth and character to create an excellent rustic house design. Creating a welcoming and cozy ambiance is essential while designing your rustic house.

With reclaimed wood and other materials, you can always make rustic home decors yourself, or you may acquire inexpensive rustic home decor from auction houses, briquet stores, and flea markets.