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London has the largest linguistic pool of the UK's cities. This is unsurprising, as over 20% of Britons live in or around the city. It has also been the focal point of international immigration to Britain for hundreds of years. Despite being such a multicultural city, many Londoners are still only able to speak English. This is an appalling state of affairs and the situation is actually getting worse as time goes by. This is because language teaching provision in British schools has been reduced in recent years and the once compulsory foreign language GCSE has been removed from the National Curriculum. There are still options for people wishing to learn a new language in London, however.

For most, a private language course holds the answer. Leading school UIC London offers courses in a selection of the major languages, including but not limited to:

A range of Japanese courses in London. Japanese is one of the most complex languages on the planet but also one of the most rewarding to master. There are actually three different Japanese alphabets and over 3,000 different characters to learn, making Japanese a unique challenge. The most popular courses are Basic Japanese - which is enough to prepare for a holiday - and Business Japanese, which is a longer term investment but will be greatly appreciated if you plan on doing business in Japan. UIC's Chinese courses in London are also popular and Mandarin is generally seen as a slightly easier language to learn. It is also the mother tongue of over 1,000,000,000 people.

Of the European languages, UIC's French courses in London are consistently among the most popular with learners. Britain's closest neighbour is very popular among British holidaymakers and there has been a great deal of investment in French property in recent years, as the British property market continues to boom. French is still the most widely taught second language in British schools, followed by German and then Spanish. UIC's Spanish courses in London are, accordingly, very popular as more Brits actually need a grasp of Spanish in later life than a grasp of German.

A swathe of London's middle class society has a collective dream of leaving the rat race and renovating a derelict farmhouse in the Italian countryside. This vision has driven more and more people to take an Italian course in London in recent years. Of course, very few people actually fulfil their goal, but there is still great pleasure to be taken from learning such a beautiful language.

The other courses that UIC offer are for foreigners to learn English in London. With a number of highly qualified English teachers, UIC is perfectly located to offer quality language courses and the opportunity to explore the great historic towns of Great Britain. Particularly popular among students are day trips to Brighton (easily located around 1hr south by train, slightly more on the coach) and to the Roman town of Chester, which can be reached in a little over two hours on the train.

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