Student property insurance

There are many types of personal assets carried by students and some of these are very expensive too. Generally, a student in present times carries MP3 player, mobile phones, laptops, etc. Apart from these, student also sometimes carry mountain bikes, television sets etc with them. Since there are many types of risks attached with these assets, it is very necessary that a student gets all these insured. This insurance is offered through student property insurance policies.


There are many types of sources offering student property insurance. In fact, some educational institutions have tied up with insurance companies for offering student property insurance. College students carry more numbers of items, which are more expensive too. Apart from student property insurance, a person can also get cover for the assets of his wards through homeowner's policy or a renter's policy. Many experts feel that adding cover to the existing homeowner insurance policy is a cheap way of get cover. Coverage offered by insurance carriers is normally 10% of the insurance policy taken. However, there is a disadvantage also. All the claims made by a person are settled towards the cover offered in the policy. However, if a person goes for a renter's policy, claims settled do not affect the insurance obtained. There are many college students that think this type of insurance the best way of insuring their assets. But this insurance also suffers from a disadvantage and it is the high cost. Premium attached with renter's policy is higher than that of homeowner's insurance. It is advised here that parents should consult insurance advisors or agents for choosing the right type of student property insurance.


Some sources


Let us discuss some sources offering student property insurance in United States for understanding more. CSI insurance Agency Inc is one of leading sources offering above insurance in United States. It is located at 316 Maxwell Rd, Suite 100, Alpharetta GA. student property insurance offered by CSI is affordable and quite comprehensive. Services offered have been rated quite high due to excellent quality. Cover is offered to all the students that are in college and University. Employees of these institutions are also eligible to get the cover. Policies issues by CSI are applied first, irrespective of the other types of insurance policies purchased by a person. It also covers risks that are not covered under the homeowner's policy.


Since deductible are low as compared to homeowners insurance, a person is able to recover more amount towards any loss of asset. A person can easily download the copy of student property insurance offered and can understand various terms and conditions attached. Since assets are covered across the globe, parents can easily relax if a student is residing outside the college campus. student Personal property Protector Plus is one of leading student insurance policies offered and cover the loss and damage of student 's asset. However, any assets lost or misplaced by a student are not covered. Loss of assets should occur through burglary or theft and a police report must be filed for the same. Replacement or reimbursement is carried out at the existing or current price of the asset. No bodily injuries are covered. Similarly, a student does not get property damage liability cover under the student property insurance offered by CSI.


Haylor Freyer and Coon Inc is another source that can be approached for getting student property insurance in United States. It can be contacted over phone at 1-866-535-0456. All the information provided by a person for getting insurance is kept confidential. Deductibles are quite low and these can be as low as $100 or even $50. There are no restrictions applicable in the insurance policies offered with respect to electronic items like computer. Coverage is offered throughout the world and thus, a student off campus also gets the required insurance cover. insurance policy offered by this source is multi peril.


Thus, a student is able to get cover for all types of loses. Terms and conditions can be downloaded by logging on to Each of the universities and colleges that participate in the insurance program are offered with a master policy. All the students who get enrolled in the program are also supplied with certificate of coverage. There are three options available for buying Personal property Protection policy offered by Haylor Freyer and Coon. These are online enrollment, making payment through check or money order or card along with application provided in the brochure and by faxing the necessary application along with credit card details at 315-453-1722. Parents and guardians are required to sign the application and provide the relationship. Various perils that are covered in this policy are malicious mischief, smoke and falling objects, accidental damage, explosions, etc.


National student Services Inc is also one source offering student property insurance in United States. It can be contacted at 1-800-256 NSSI. Coverage offered is worldwide and various types of cover offered are fire, theft, accident etc. Water damage and vandalism are also covered through the student property insurance. A student can easily get cover for assets like scanners, stereo, mobile phones, calculators and computers, sport equipments, furniture, cameras etc. Apart from this, cover for clothing is also offered.


Cost is quite affordable and is some pennies per day. Policy offered by National student Services is recognized by more than 1000 universities and colleges located across U.S. EAS Education Resource Center has also joined hands with NSSI for offering student property insurance. Full services are offered through low cost program and students as well as faculties and staff are also eligible to get services. insurance plan offered is recognized at more than 700 universities and colleges. Policy also includes $1000 liability insurance free, which is indeed a great cover. Basis plan is offered for $2000 for one year. If a student wishes to purchase additional cover apart from basic plan, he has to pay $9 for every unit of $500 purchased, for actual cash value cover. In case of replacement cover, insurance can be purchased at $25 for each $1000. student property insurance can also be applied online in easy manner.


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