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Student liability insurance


There are many types of professions chosen by students and while carrying out their duties and responsibilities, errors or mistakes are conducted, especially in the healthcare sector. These mistakes can prove harmful for others and in many cases, victims sue student responsible for same. Thus, it is very important that a person obtains necessary cover against such liabilities. This cover is offered through student liability insurance. In fact, there are some institutions and organizations that allow student to get admission only when they have obtained student liability insurance.


In current times, since cost of lawsuits has increased considerably, it has become inevitable to get student liability insurance. There are many choices available as far as this insurance is concerned. Various types of insurance covers fulfill different types of needs. Let us discuss some sources offering student liability insurance in United States to understand more.


HPSO or Healthcare Providers Service Organization is one source offering student liability insurance programs in United States. It is a division of Affinity Inc Services Inc and provides professional liability insurance. Student liability insurance is offered to healthcare professionals. A person can get no obligation and free quote regarding malpractice insurance in an easy manner. HPSO can be approached at 159 E, County Line Road, Hatboro PA. Its contact number is 1-800-982-949. Over past many years, HPSO has been protecting the academic career and future of students. It has helped many people in avoiding high costs attached with malpractice lawsuits. Rate at which this insurance is offered is quite affordable.


By getting services of HPSO, a student gets not only professional liability protection but also many other benefits. For each claim, a student can get up to $1000000 and aggregate professional liability insurance is offered for $3000000. Experienced and dedicated malpractice attorney is offered to students who are named in malpractice lawsuits. All types of legal expenses incurred are covered under the insurance irrespective of the fact that a student wins or looses the case. This additional feature is offered in addition to the liability limit offered. Similarly, students are reimbursed up to $10000 towards expenses incurred and wages lost. One of most important aspects of student liability insurance offered by this source is that once a student becomes certified professional or gets license or becomes accredited, insurance coverage gets expanded automatically for covering the professional. Coverage offered by this source is occurrence based. Thus, it is required that at the time of incident happening, policy should be in force. HSPO has been offering services for more than 30 years and there are more than 70 areas in which it specializes to offer cover.



Marsh Affinity Group is another source offering student liability insurance in U.S. It is located at 1440, Renaissance Driver, Park Ridge IL. Its contact number is 1-800-503-9230. Insurance services offered are underwritten by Chicago Insurance Company. A student can get cover under NATA professional liability insurance program. This source has been trusted by many students in U.S in offering professional services and in getting adequate cover. It should be noted that Marsh is one of most trusted and oldest insurance administrators in United States. It has been offering services for more than 50 years.


NATA program offered by this center is basically a multiyear certificate. It also offers premium credit to student upon option. A student can go for 3 year certificate or for 2 year certificate. These options allow him in saving money towards premium. There is no lapse in year to year programs and thus, entire educational program can be completed successfully with peace of mind. Insurance cover offered is up to $2000000 per claim and up to aggregate claim of $4000000. All the costs incurred towards court proceedings are covered by the insurance, besides limit liability. Even if lawsuit is found fraudulent later on, above insurance cover is offered. Marsh Affinity Group maintains a nationwide network of lawyers and immediate support is offered through experienced attorneys. For providing necessary support, services of claims adjusters are also offered.


There are some policies that allow student in finding his own way of legal defense. Apart from getting cover as a healthcare professional, students are also able to get cover for school disciplinary board or grievance committee. Students are also reimbursed costs for offering first aid to people. Maximum annual limit for this is $500. Under first party assault cover, annual aggregate medical expenses up to $1000 are offered. However, it is required that assault has occurred at the premise of school. Apart from above, Marsh Affinity Group also offers Supplement Liability Coverage. In this type of coverage, a student is insured against the property damage and injuries cased to body that are not obtained while performing professional duty. Low cost student liability insurance is offered only when a person is in program and thus, no cover is offered when he becomes a part of a profession or a business.


The Trust also offers student liability insurance in United States. It is located at 111, Rockville Pike, Suite 900, Rockville MD. This source offers state of art coverage for meeting the requirements of psychologists and other healthcare providers. Cover is offered through professional liability insurance policy. Services offered are quite affordable and a person can but insurance cover for as less as $35 a year. It specializes in offering student liability insurance to graduates and insurance policies have been designed for covering internship as well as practicum. Students are protected from lawsuits that result as a part of graduate curriculum.


A student can get cover up to $1000000 for each incident and up to $3000000 on annual aggregate basis. Student liability insurance can be applied online in an easy manner. A person can also call at 1-800-477-1200 for getting required cover. Insurance cover is offered to a person till he is in education program and as soon as he enters professional career, insurance cover ceases.


ACAIT or ACA Insurance Trust Inc can also be approached for getting student liability insurance in United States. Its contact number is 1-800-347-6647. However, it has partnered with HPSO for offering necessary insurance cover. ACAIT has been offering professional liability insurance in United States for more than 30 years.


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