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Small Business also Needs Assistance:

It has been observed many at times that most of the persons think that the small business enterprise does not need any assistance because the level of activity is very small and hence, there is no need of assistance. This concept is totally baseless. The small business enterprise has to go through all the business processes through which a bid enterprise passes. The raw materials are purchased and they are converted into finished goods here also.

The tax laws are applicable on the small business also. So, the small business needs all the assistance that a big business house requires. One of the assistance that is required by the small business enterprise is finance. Though there are grants, these cannot be availed by all the small business enterprises. Loans are the assistance that can easily be availed by all the small business enterprises. In each country, there are many financial institutions that provide loans to the small business enterprises and California in the United States is no exception to this. Let us discuss this in our next part of discussion.

Small Business Loans in California:

A small business entrepreneur who wishes to start up or expand his small business enterprise can easily get a loan, if he facing a liquidity problem. There are many financial institutions in California that provide loans to the small business enterprises. One of such institution in California is CDC. It is needless to say here that the CDC is a well-established name in the field of loans for the small business enterprises and this is the reason why it is the number one lender not only in California but also in the whole nation. For the past many years, the small business enterprises are growing by taking loans from CDC. As far as contacting the CDC is concerned, it is not a problem at all. To talk to the small business finance representative of the CDC, a person can easily call at 800-600-5170. This is a toll free number of the CDC. Whenever there is any doubt about the operations in the account with CDC, a person can call it without any hitch.

Various Offices of CDC:

The corporate Headquarter of the CDC is bases at San Diego. The address of the corporate headquarter is Corporate Headquarters, San Diego Region, 2448 Historic Decatur Rd., STE 200, San Diego, CA 92106. The contact number of this office is 619-291-3594 and the facsimile is 619-291-6954. Any person who wishes to get any information about the loan program of the CDC can easily call at the numbers given above. It has its office also at the Orange County Region. The address of the office is 2323 N. Broadway, STE 245 Santa Ana CA 92706. This office can easily be called at 714-550-5444 and the facsimile can be made at 714-550-5434.

Apart from these two offices, the CDC has other offices also spread across the California. This tells us about the extensive presence of the institution. The addresses of the other offices are given below.

Office at Inland Empire Region: The address of the office is 1650 Iowa Ave, STE 150 Riverside CA 92507. The contact number of this office is 951-905-5700 and the facsimile is 951-905-5717.

Desert Communities: The address of this office is 74040 Highway 111 #L230 Palm Desert CA92260. The contact number of this office is 760-836-3855 and the facsimile is 760-836-3850.

Sacramento Region: The address of this office is 1545, River Dark Dr. STE 203 Sacramento CA 95815. The contact number is 916-565-8100 and the facsimile can be sent at 916-925-5593.

Los Angeles/ Ventura Region: A person can easily contact this office at 80, South Lake Ave STE528 Pasadena CA 91101. The contact number of this office is 626-529-0700.

Given above are the offices of the CDC that a person can easily contact for getting the information about the various loan programs of the CDC. As the offices have been spread over the California, it can be easily said that the reach of this office is really very extensive. This institution is committed to serve the various financial needs of the various small business enterprises throughout California. The achievements of this institution can easily be gathered from the fact that it has funded over $ 1.3 billion in 504 loans that were given as small business administration loans. CDC is also working with more than 100 private lenders and is the leader in providing the loan to the small business enterprise without any doubt. For the past many years, the CDC is known for its reliability, experience, service and expertise.

Thus, if you are residing in California and you need a loan for your small business enterprise, CDC is the one that you should contact immediately. The other facts that make this institution number one in the nation are:

Fixed Rate Financing: The loans that are provided by this institution are mostly fixed rate loans and thus a person is not affected by the fluctuations in the interest rates. About 90% of the financing is done as fixed rate financing.

Pre Qualification: When a person submits his application for the small business loan, he is informed about his qualification or disqualification within 24 hours. Thus, a person does not have to wait for long.

Other advantages: The other advantages that a person gets when he takes a loan from CDC are the various tax advantages that are available over leasing, the 20 year amortization facility, the processing of loan application at faster pace and the no loan packaging deposit that is required for obtaining the loan.

If one wants to know about the mission of the CDC, it can be said that the mission is to help the small business enterprise to grow at a rapid pace by means of its advocacy and the prompt lending services. The vision of the institution is to be the most successful small business lender on the non-profit basis in the country, with continuous innovations.

So, California has all the Help Required:

Thus, it can be rightly said that the California has all the help required. Any person who wishes to take a loan for the start up or the expansion of his small business enterprise (504 loans), can easily contact any of the offices of CDC that are spread over the California.

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