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If you find yourself waking up to a gorgeous view of red rock mountains or a national forest, you may be in one of many Sedona vacation rentals. If you find that you can breathe easier, you feel more relaxed than usual, and you are ready for a hike through the woods or into the mountains, you are likely in Sedona. This is one town in the United States that is getting some well-deserved recognition for its beauty and soul-enriching nature.


After being named one of the 10 Most Beautiful Places in America by USA's Weekend's Annual Travel Report, Sedona is seeing more and more visitors. The secret is getting out. People are responding. In order to discuss Sedona vacation rentals, you first need to know about the area. Sedona, Arizona sits nestled in 1.8 million acres of the Coconino National Forest. Peering over the treetops is the Mogollon Rim. This gorgeous display of red mountains was created by ancient buildup of limestone, mudstone and sandstone. The rim also marks the southern Colorado border. To complete the scenery to perfection, you can stroll along the rippling Oak Creek. There are many romantic vacation rentals situated along the creek.


Breathe Easy in Sedona Vacation Rentals


Depending on the type of getaway you are looking for and your monetary situation, there are all kinds of Sedona vacation rentals. From cabins and cottages to bed and breakfast to award-winning resorts with pampering spa treatments, you can design your trip the way you want. You may be on a romantic vacation, looking to reconnect with nature or feeding your spiritual self. Sedona caters to all.


For those couples looking for a romantic way to celebrate an anniversary, wedding or just a rejuvenating few days away from it all, Sedona vacation rentals are out to please. If you are looking for romance, I suggest staying in a bed and breakfast. Bed and breakfasts are known to be romantic, and these Sedona vacation rentals make no exception. Several of them have different themes for each room. One might be decorated with Victorian antiques. Another room might be all white with sunshine streaming through the windows in the morning to awaken you to the smell of coffee and a gourmet breakfast.


Sedona Vacation Rentals for the Spiritual Seekers


Many people take trips to Sedona seeking the spirituality in themselves. They find that being among such natural beauty allows them to relax and feel their inner life force. Sedona has seen many of the world's foremost healers come through and leave their mark. The greenery of the surrounding forestry gives a sense of life, renewal and hope.


The orange-red of the rocks is one of the most neuro-stimulating colors. The creative side of people comes out more freely and abundantly. Problem solving becomes possible and even easy. For yoga lovers, there are retreats where you can design your own yoga weekend. Some Sedona vacation rentals offer classes on spirituality, meditation and yoga. You can visit energy healers, masters of Reiki, psychics and more.


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