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Killeen is a city in Bell County, Texas. The population was estimated to be 86,911 at the 2000 census. It is a "principal city" of the Killeen Temple- Fort Hood Metropolitan Statistical Area. Killeen is directly adjacent to the main cantonment of Fort Hood, and as such its economy is heavily dependent on the post and the soldiers (and their families) stationed there.


Killen's Rental Availability


Every fall, the population of Killeen, Texas effectively doubles. Students return by the thousands, searching for the perfect spot to spend the sophomore, junior, senior or graduate years. Fortunately, there's enough variety in Killen rentals to provide even the pickiest resident with their own home sweet home. There are studios; there are four bedroom private homes. There are garage apartments in a private backyard; there are town-homes located in elegantly landscaped apartment communities. There are places within walking distance of campus; there are places deep in the woods out of town.


And they are, by and large, surprisingly affordable. Many apartment communities offer students impressive move-in specials, either by offering a month free, utilities free, cable free, DSL free, some combination of the above, or just a great competitive rent year-round. Of course, not every place caters specifically to students.


Restriction on Student Housing


In fact, there are some neighborhoods that are discouraging student residency. These are usually homes in higher-income neighborhoods, where non-resident landlords have previously rented their multi-bedroom homes to three or more students. The result is tension in the neighborhood between the homeowners on the block, and the students who are typically accused of having loud parties, littering, and being generally annoying to the older residents.


Granted, this is hardly a problem unique to Killeen. However, it is an issue "on the table" as of this writing. So if you're a student and you want a really nice place, you should be aware there are zoning restrictions in effect which prohibit more than two unrelated people occupying a rental property in certain parts of Killeen, Texas.


This is just one area where enlisted the aid of a certified Realtor can make life a lot easier, whether you're a student, the parent of a student, or just a citizen of Killeen looking for a good apartment or home rental. Qualified Realtors know the town, and they know the availabilities within it. Further, they know the zoning laws better than anyone, and can help find properties that "fit" the renter, on all fronts.


The Best Way to Find Your Next Apartment


If you're considering a move to Killeen, Texas the best - and possibly most fun - way to research the town and all its housing options, is to check out the various Realtor websites. These websites are free to browse, though some may require registration prior to letting you take a look. Via these sites, you can get an idea of the landscape and the light-scape of a number of communities. Some have pictures just of the interiors, others have pictures just of the exteriors. But every picture gets you closer to finding what you're looking for in your next Killeen, Texas rental.


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