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Kiawah Island is a beach and golf resort located on a barrier island is a few miles from Charleston in South Carolina, in the United States. In kiawah island Golf Resort is very popular. Official Golf & Tennis Resort is at kiawah island. There are endless possibilities at the island resort for visitors to enjoy and make themselves happy.


There are many properties to rent out at Kiawah Island. Properties are privately owned and kept well decorated, maintained, and furnished to attract tourists to stay there. Internet connections are marked feature of every home on rent. The accommodation is equipped with TV, CD players with romantic music stocks, bed linen of the highest order, plenty of books and other facilities. Kiawah Island Getsways is one such vacation rental home available on the Kiawah Island. The villa faces the sea with many windows to peep out and relish the outside beauty.


There are many condos which are rented to tourists. It is not easy to get schools or work station nearby because all these are far away from the island. The place suits to tourists only who come here for sightseeing or other resort activities. The island has a long beach where biking is possible and enjoyable. Youths generally go on biking for fun. The golf course entertains many enthusiasts. It is nice to buy and rent condos at Kiawah Island.


Shipwatch condos are just a few steps away from the Atlantic Ocean and within walking distance to golf, tennis, bike trails and restaurants. These villas are a bit costly but affordable by the rich tourists who come there often to enjoy. The beach house is a popular resort home for vacation rental costing around $2900 for one week. The daily rent is costlier and it is better to rent for a week for full enjoyment of the resort. The penthouse is another Ocean front villa to rent around $2700 per week.


The Shell Seeker v on the Mariners Watch is another Ocean front villa to cost little lower at $2500 per week..The Broadwalk Villa is also situated there and the rental is around the same $2500 per week. The rental goes up in t peak season of Christmas days but lower during March to October by almost20%. There are opportunities for low rentals in some other villas such as BR Windswept Oceanfront which charges a low rent of $1150 per week in off season and $1900 per week in full season. These types of homes are one bed room and can not accommodate more than 2 people. Two bed room villas can accommodate more people but are costly beyond #200 per week.


For reservation of these vacation homes and villas a small deposit is kept with the management of these properties in advance and that guarantees advance booking on the preferred date for the period desired. After receipt of the deposit even online the confirmation is issued regarding the booking. Rates are quoted US dollar."> Any cancellation of the booking ca n be done that is possible in More than 6 weeks prior to arrival date: Cancellations received more than 6 weeks prior to arrival will receive a refund of all monies paid less 10% of the rental rate.


If cancellation is done Within 6 weeks of arrival date there will be no refunds for cancellations unless the property gets rebooked at the same rate, for the same dates, the guest may request a refund of all monies paid less 15% of the rental rate.


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