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Then look no further than Florida business brokers who have a chain of qualified brokers and due to their extensive marketing compaigns, long term relationships, networking abilities and other time tested resources they have managed to be the largest state business broker in America and has been ranked as the second largest business brokers in the world, being a non profit association made up of the leading business brokerage companies and agents all over the state of Florida,it is made up of leading business brokerage companies.




Florida business brokers is a network of professional brokers who are licensed by the state of Florida to offer businesses for sale or buy all over the world,through their specialized knowledge they are able to protect the public in the transfer of business from sellers to buyers. Their expert brokers professionally and confidentially handle customers transactions that include the promotion and trade of businesses.


Members include attorneys specializing in business closings, financial planners, appraisers, accountants not forgetting different financial institutions specializing in business loans.


Those who are interested in becoming members must demonstrate expertise and capability in business brokerage, when accepted one must adhere to the code of ethics provided. For the real estate members who deal in selling and buying of businesses, high standard and code of ethics have been promoted effectively.


Florida business brokers are divided into four districts where by each district has its own directors and officers who governs and enforces its policies. South Florida district is the largest then Tampa bay or southwest Florida followed by central Florida and north Florida being the last.


North Florida is the most experienced business brokerage since it is the oldest while south Florida has entered in the book of history to have sold the highest number of businesses on the treasury coast.


Every district has representatives in the state executive committee where by the state officers are elected. The executive committee operates under the by laws of the association.


The association has approximately 1400 members and maintains a data base of over 8000 sold markets for data comparisons. Operating with these high numbers of customers Florida business brokers have also managed to promote harmony and mutual cooperation amongst its members and the public at large.


They also offer education to their members on better methods and techniques to choose while practicing their various professions this proves their care and concern for their customers ; it is a rare virtue to other competing business brokers.


Florida business brokers advice their clients to be very careful in selecting brokers and that is why they insist in operating with professionally qualified personnel.


Every business owner deserves a valued representation which is the exact service they offer and do you know it is the meaning behind their name?


Florida business brokers are determined in provision of the best ever recorded services to their clients, so as to maintain their position as the leading business brokers firm in America and in the world.


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