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Bad Credit Repair


To put it simply, bad credit repair is a process when a dispute arises about negative entries on your credit report with the main credit bureaus. Should they be unable to justify the authenticity of the negative entries, they must remove them. The typical procedure for bad credit repair is to start by assessing your financial situation so as to be in a better position to negotiate favorable interest rates with creditors. A budget and payment plan is worked out for the purpose. Additional advice on the proper ways to use credit cards without getting caught in debt again may also be offered. Credit cards continue to be increasingly preferred as a method of payment. The Federal Reserve disclosed that electronic payments by way of debit and credit cards are now out numbering checks.



It is absolutely essential that you develop financial discipline in order to be able to pay off your credit card each month and build up credit history. For daily purchases, there are few contenders to rival this. Having a decent credit card means you have access to nearly a whole month of free money from the time of making a purchase till paying the bill. It also becomes a lot easier to keep track of your expenses and have some kind of a rebate system to cash points or earn discounts.

There have been many studies in the past that have established that when it comes to using credit cards, consumers display a total disregard for financial discipline. As a result they earn negative entries increasingly in their credit report. A poor credit report means soliciting the guidance of bad credit repair services. Cash is needed for bread and butter while cards are used for an assortment of extras. Even the old fashioned checks are of no help in this respect. It can be most annoying to write them out and furnish ID each time. Then theres also the fact that many shopkeepers are no longer accepting checks.

Irrespective of the new claims of speedy clearances, the money still remains in the account for at least a day or so in contrast to debit cards instant transactions. More preferable may be an interest-paying checking account as long as you keep track of your transactions. Therefore debit cards are unrivalled for convenience of American shoppers. Recently a reputed name in bad credit repair carried out a study which highlighted increasing changes. The more recent debit cards are almost at par with credit cards in regard to incentives.

In case of a theft and unauthorized use of your debit card, your checking account is at risk of being completely exhausted much before you even realize it. Fraud protection policies dont save you from the problem of genuine checks being bounced before you realize that you have become a victim of fraud and funds replaced. In recent times card issuers have been offering to replace money in 24 hours which is generally sufficient to tackle most problems before your account is fixed. Debit cards offer the least amount of float on transaction. You can withdraw money from your checking account using your PIN number before making the purchases.

Issuers sometimes charge fees for using debit card with PIN for purchases. According to the findings of a bad credit repair agency, an average of nine out of every 10 New York banks charge between 10 cents and $1.50 to enter a PIN during transaction. Make sure you find out whether your bank levies these charges before deciding to use debit cards for purchases. The more reputed bad credit repair companies are likely to advise keeping records in a disciplined manner for the use of debit cards for daily expenses without losing track of the amount in the account. Cash is another option without any reward program and proves difficult to keep track of. In case of theft, the money is lost. However cash has its advantages in speeding up store transactions, helping you stick to a budget and have somebody else make purchases with it. As far as convenience is concerned, cash is best.

The significance of having good credit is that you can get more credit without difficulty. Therefore finding yourself in a bad credit situation requires finding a bad credit repair agency for guidance and consultation. There is an abundance of bad credit repair advisors offering these services and there are many non-profit ones as well. Take one step at a time starting with your credit file for repair, and then establishing and maintaining it. There are some useful tips you can keep in mind to ensure you have a good credit file and a positive record.

You need to get a credit file in your name regardless of whether you are single, married, separated or divorced. If your spouse or former spouse had bad credit mostly in their name, it would be to your advantage to have a credit file of your own. When it comes to joint debt, you can relieve yourself of some of the negative credit by separating the files and requesting your file to be separated from your spouses credit.

When you are knowledgeable about evaluating credit offers you are able to make a good choice for bad credit repair. At the time of applying for credit, you are assigned a credit or risk score which is an estimate of your likelihood in repaying the debt. In addition to credit scores, creditors may sometimes rate applications using the principle of three Cs, capacity, collateral and character.

Capacity refers to the amount of debt you are actually expected to pay back in addition to your ability to repay. Factors like the duration at your job, promotion prospects, past experience with bad credit repair, job and industry stability, current debt ratio, past debts availed, amount of unsecured debt in credit cards, secured loans including car and home, duration of accounts, history of timely payment, etc are considered.

Collateral could be home ownership, mutual funds, etc which can be important for being approved for a loan despite a record for late payments.

Character is judged on the basis of job duration and residence occupancy, apart from checking and savings or just checking account.

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