Top 7 Key Factors that Might Affect Your Bathroom Vanity Cost


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Selecting a vanity is one of the most significant decisions you will have to make when remodeling your bathroom.

A bathroom vanity may act as the room's main feature and establish the general mood and style of your room. You can find bathroom vanities in a variety of sizes and designs, with each having a special set of features as well as costs.

Your new vanity's pricing can vary depending on several factors, including design and material quality. Here are the top 7 factors that might affect your bathroom vanity cost the most.


1. Material of Cabinet

Materials of bathroom vanities, like what cabinets are made of, can sometimes be expensive. Expensive materials mean the cabinets would also be expensive.

The particle wood is made from smaller chunks of wood. These chunks are glued and then pressed together. If your budget is low, it might be a more affordable option.

If you want to opt for another cheap option, density wood might be a good choice. It is also known as MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard).

Plastic resin or wax is used to join small pieces of this cabinet material. MDF bathroom vanity cabinets are prone to veneers and are unable to withstand constant steam and lotion.

If you want a durable vanity cabinet, plywood will be better than the two mentioned above. But it will cost more. It is a common material made from several veneers glued together, which transforms into a single sheet.

Another common material to use for your vanity cabinet is solid wood. They are the most expensive ones. They have a solid look and feel.

However, they might not resist humidity changes in your bathroom. But this might happen with any other options stated before as well. So, pick the one you find more suitable for your home and decor while deciding on a budget.


2. Surface Finish

Another factor that you might need to keep in mind while budgeting your bathroom vanity cost is the surface finish. It refers to the process of attaining a specific texture, color, or topography of the solid outer layer of wood used in your bathroom vanities.

To get a smooth surface as well as an attractive bathroom vanity top, a surface finish is a must. Different surface finishes can cost you differently. You will find melamine finish is relatively cheap. If you apply this finish, you do not have to paint your bathroom countertop.

For a high-glossy vanity, apply a thermoforming finish. It is a process of shaping materials by heat and pressure. It is more durable as well as more expensive.

If you want to apply a less expensive veneer finish, you may go with the artificial one. But if you want a relatively durable finish and are ready to spend a little more, the natural veneer will be better for you.

Some people prefer using paint for the surface finish rather than applying the above ones. You may also use it. They are durable and come in a range of prices.


3. Cabinet construction

Cabinet construction might also affect your bathroom vanity cost. If you use a full-door board to give your bathroom an exquisite and contemporary look, it might cost less.

But if you want full drawers as cabinet frames, they might cost more. And if you prefer a combination of both, you might also use it. The door partially covers the cabinet frame in this case. Hence, revealing quite a bit of the frame. It is less expensive than full-drawer cabinet frames.


4. Guide Rails and Drawer Types

Guide rails can also affect your costs depending on the brands you are using. Blum, Hettich, and Hafele are some top-class brands.

If you prefer mid-class, you might like to go with DTC or Unihopper. When looking for something cheaper, any unknown local brands can do the work.

The type of drawers you are using can determine your vanity costs as well. For semi-open drawers, you will have to spend less. These drawers open partially and allow you to see half of the contents inside.

But you will have to use full-open drawers if you want to see all the contents inside. It will offer easy access to your items stored inside, you will find them more expensive.


5. Material of countertop

The material of the countertop you use will certainly differentiate your bathroom vanity costs. If you use artificial marble, you can give your bathroom the same luxurious and attractive feel as natural marble but at a cheaper price. You will find them durable as well.

For a more premium material, you may go with Phoenix stone. It can resist stains and scratches. It offers both durability and beauty. But, you will find them with a more expensive price tag.

You can also use artificial stones like quartz. It is quite popular since it provides a luxurious appearance without the actual cost of natural stone. If you are ready to spend more marble or a porcelain slab might be the right choice for you.


6. Basin Materials

What materials you are using for your basin and how your mirrors are can affect your bathroom vanity cost too. You can use ceramic, artificial stone, or marble for your basin material.

Among them, marble is the most expensive one. If you want to go with a cheaper one, ceramic might be the right choice for you. They are durable and easy to clean.

Artificial stone basin materials are typically more expensive compared to ceramic as it has a higher quality appearance along with more durability.


7. Mirror Quality

If you buy a new bathroom vanity set, a mirror is generally included. If you want to pick your mirror according to the type, two main types include mirror cabinets and bathroom mirrors.

But, if you want to buy depending on its function, you will need to decide whether you want the ordinary mirrors or the LED smart mirrors first. These factors can certainly influence your cost.


Final words

As you can see, several factors can affect the cost of your bathroom vanity. The final cost will depend on a number of factors, including the type of sink, materials utilized, style and sizes of the vanity, and any additional high-tech features.

By considering each of these features, you may work with the contractor to design a stunning, cost-effective bathroom that suits your needs.