High-Tech Plumbing Upgrades For Your Apartment


Modern bathroom with white and gray tile


Most people never think about plumbing until a pipe bursts. However, high-tech plumbing upgrades remain one of the hottest remodeling trends in the market. In light of eco-friendly options, homeowners are slowly adapting to new technologies. Recent statistics show that the plumbing fixtures and fittings market will grow to $93.7 billion by 2022. If these numbers are something to go by, design plumbers can help homeowners become part of the modern age. For those who want to prevent common plumbing problems while adding value to their apartments, here are some high-tech plumbing options to consider.


Electronic Leak Detection

For those who understand the basics of plumbing, proper water management has always been a concern for homeowners. But finding water pipe leaks is always a laborious job. A high-tech electronic leak detection system offers a host of advantages for homeowners. It's an alternative to technologies like infrared thermography, advanced metering infrastructure, and noise correlators. The best leak detection devices use artificial intelligence that sends signals to the water mains to shut off the water supply. Some folks prefer acoustic leak systems to detect leaks that produce high-frequency sounds.


Hot Water Recirculating Systems

These plumbing systems move water to the fixtures without waiting for it to get hot. For this to work, a loop is mounted on the pipe that connects to the tank below. Since the water constantly circulates on the loop, it only takes a few seconds to get to the valve. Some homeowners use the integrated loop system. It features a pump installed under the plumbing system far from the water heater. Hot water circulating systems can feature a sensor that switches when the water temperature falls below a specific level. For those who want hot water in their faucets every time, the activation system can be a good fit. Such systems are activated by a timer or a thermostat.


Luxury Showerheads

For those who are thinking about getting a new showerhead, this could be the best time to upgrade. Luxury showerheads work well for homeowners who want a more refreshing, rewarding, and eco-friendly experience. These high-tech showerheads utilize modern technology to make every bathroom look like a spa, and some even have spray functions. Others have a warm-up mode to ensure the water is at the required temperature. Users can also stop the water flow to avoid excess wastage. The best luxury showerheads will depend on the level of satisfaction homeowners want.


In today's digital age, plumbers implement the latest technology for more accurate services. High-tech plumbing upgrades have many benefits to homeowners like saving utility bills, saving electricity, and reducing the environmental impact. Additionally, they add value to apartments and make them more attractive to potential buyers and renters. For those who want to create some 'wow' in their space, the above high-tech bathroom upgrades are a sure bet.