Innovative Ways You Can Make The Most Out Of Your Space At Home


spacious apartment with furniture


Home is where the heart is. When you fall in love with a house, you do all that you can to transform it into a home. With careful determination, you select piece after piece of furniture to bring to life the vision you hold for your dwelling place. Sometimes the notion is held that the more items placed in a room, the better. This may not be so.

But can there be a consensus that there is always more that can be done to enhance the layout of an area? Great! You'll be glad, then, to read about inventive ways to take advantage of every inch of your home, making it more people and pet friendly. It may well be that some of these tips are already employed by you and if that's the case, Kudos! Great minds think alike.

Starting From The Outside In

You got it, the garage. Ah, what can and has been described many times as the most neglected space of a home. And as a home in itself, it becomes the residence for old furniture that just won't do being seen but isn't raggedy enough to be tossed out. The abode to non functioning appliances; old refrigerators, toasters that don't toast, and blenders that have ceased to blend. Not to mention the chief location to store bags and heaps of clothes for charity that somehow never makes it there, sports equipment, tools and the list goes on. Does your car even still fit?

It gets to the point where no actual flooring can be seen because it has been overcome with stuff. It is now an obstacle course to get from one point to another and congratulations if you make it without getting poked, tripped, or worse. Why keep torturing yourself? If you are not ready to dispose of any of your belongings, then begin the process of sourcing better storage options. With garage storage solutions in Atlanta, this should no longer be a problem. Find easily many fixes you may not have even thought of. Everything from modular hook arrangements, wall shelves, ceiling racks, totes, and bins that can be stored overhead can be built, delivered, and professionally installed.

You may already have some of these in your garage. Awesome if you do.Were they expertly built using the best materials. Wood you say? Well, that can come with its own host of problems down the line. Rot, termite infestation, splintering. Can it withstand the weight of up to one thousand pounds? Yeah...probably not.

No judgement whatsoever. You saw the need for something to be done and you made it happen. But think long term. Steel sounds like a better option for longevity. What do you think? This may not be a do-it-yourself project like the woodworks were, but if the products come with a lifetime warranty, won't a specialist installation be worth it?

Help Yourself

Not all changes that can be made require outside or expert help. A lot of simple changes that you can do yourself can free up more space at home. Nothing will be thrown your way that's too difficult.

Storage boxes are your friend. Now please don't just dump things into boxes, no no. Take some time and as meticulously as possible, pack away belongings that you do not regularly use, those you want to donate or sell or dump. Adding labels can help you with remembering what's in which box so as to not confuse the final location. And simply stack them neatly in a corner. If you prefer not to keep many boxes in your home, look into renting a storage space. That way you keep everything you like out of sight but not out of mind.

Person relaxing, boxes in background

When selecting furniture, if you know that you are working with limited space, choose ones that can be folded onto themselves, deflated or made to be more compact. Are you following? It should be becoming apparent how these modifications can work in your favor with tables, chairs and beds. And best of all, no one needs to know, unless you choose to disclose. While you're at it, select items that have multiple uses, that way you save time and money while freeing up your environment.

Install your own wall shelves. These can be purchased ready made and can be erected by sticking or hanging, thereby creating more space. If you intend to store items that weigh little then this is definitely an option to consider. For things like clothes, books, and pictures in frames, this may be perfect. For your shoes, shoe racks both hanging and standing can significantly free up some square inches. This is surely preferable to shoes scattered willi nilli everywhere.

Do you have countless photos, piles and stacks of important documents? These don't need to be stored physically. Make the decision today to store them in the 'cloud'. Not only will you then have more space, your treasured items will be safe and protected from loss or damage.

People hugging in a bed

The benefits of making such changes far surpass what you might imagine. Reduce stress and anxiety with greater feelings of happiness. The more content you are in yourself, the more your personal relationships will flourish.

Not having your attention pulled in many different directions due to clutter and disorganization has been proven to increase productivity. And who doesn't like a deeper and more peaceful rest?

It would not be surprising if many of these perks didn't occur to you. But isn't it great all these additional gains you stand to receive when you choose to declutter your living space and promote a free flowing layout of your environment?

These adjustments, additions and subtractions don't need to be hard. Many times the simple way is the best way. Remember, reaching out for professional help when the problem becomes too big is always recommended and commendable.

Be excited for yourself on this new journey that will ultimately lead to you loving your home and yourself even more.