Renovations You Can Do To Increase The Space In Your Apartment


If you recently moved to the big city, then you likely learned pretty quickly that living spaces can be quite expensive. One option is to rent a small apartment. However, the downside is that space is often very limited.

However, by undertaking a few simple renovations and packing tips, you can create more space in your apartment. If you are a contractor who uses heavy equipment to do renovations for clients, you can get quality deals when looking to change your rubber tracks online.

Modern room with furniture, bike.


1. Hide Away Your Stuff

One of the main reasons you may not have sufficient space in your apartment is due to all your belongings. Whether it's your books or clothes, one thing for sure is that they can end up eating a lot of space.

A great way to free up space is to pack away the stuff that you don't use every day. You can do this by getting storage boxes that are robust enough to double up as seats. You will instantly notice the change when your items are carefully organized and stored away.

The storage boxes don't need to be anything fancy. You can order them online and the good thing is that they can actually be quite affordable.


2. Concept of Collapsible

Another way to instantly create space in your apartment is to have collapsible furniture. A chair can be folded and placed in contact with a wall. You can also consider collapsible tables which you can also fold and store away. You can then pick them up and use them later when need be.

Furniture is one of the most space consuming things in our homes. Just imagine how much space you can create by folding your furniture and storing it away. You will now have space that you can utilize on other activities such as yoga or even turning it into a home workout space.


3. Bathroom Furniture

One of the most neglected areas of your apartment is the bathroom. You would never think of it as having the potential to create storage space. You can do this by adding bathroom furniture. This will help to keep everything well organized.

By creating space in the bathroom, you can also remove the feeling of being restricted thus making the apartment feel larger than it already is. The answer lies in organizing your items and turning small spaces into storage spaces.


4. Make Use of Behind the Door Shoe Holders

You may think that behind the door shoe holders are only for shoes. However, you can also use them for storing many other things. And since they are cheap, you can buy plenty of them and turn the doors in your apartment and closet into storage space.

For instance, you can store your underwear, your shorts, and vests as well as any other clutter that needs to be put away. When you finally close the door, you will be surprised at just how much space you are able to create.


5. Remove a Door

This is something that you will need to take on with the landlord. However, you can open up your apartment by taking out a door. For instance, if there is a door separating the kitchen from the living room, you can remove this to create a somewhat open kitchen design which gives the impression of extra space.

Furthermore, think of that closet. By removing the door you can create room to place a small table which you can use as a desk. Let your imagination roam free but ensure that you are not breaking any rules and that the landlord approves.


6. Hang Stuff on the Wall

The walls can act as a useful place to store your stuff. You can add shelves for storing your shoes, books as well as clothes. You can also hang clothes on the wall thus eliminating the need for a wardrobe which will only take up space.

Furthermore, you can hang items such as bikes, and luggage. All this frees floor space which you can then use for things such as a desk, or a larger bed. Furthermore, if you are trying to eliminate the feeling of being too contained then this is a great way to do that.


Room with furniture

Final Thoughts

When it comes to creating space in your apartment, the rule of thumb is to utilize free space and turn this into storage space. The more organized you can make things, the more space that you will ultimately have. From creating shelves to behind the door shoe holders, there are many options to make your apartment appear larger than it already is.