How to Make Your Apartment Look Great With Simple Interior Design Principles


Room with lost of plants


When designing your apartment, it's not just about following the latest trends. It is really about kindling a spark of personality in your personal fortress. A well-decorated home reflects the soul of its residents while providing comfort and facilitating efficiency in their daily routines.

But how do you achieve such balance? Itís simple, and it all revolves around basic interior design principles. Hereís a quick overview of tips that you can use to turn your apartment into a space that radiates charm and high functionality, all while staying true to 'you'.


1. Up Your Game on Lighting

It's amazing how lighting can either make or break the look of your apartment. Improving lighting can also make your home more luxurious, functional, and modern.

Layered lighting is a concept you could explore to add depth and drama to your space. Pendant lamps above the dining table, for example, are not only practical but aesthetic as well.

Try installing adjustable overhead light fixtures in your living area to create mood lighting in the evenings. Also, don't forget about strategically placing table lamps around to throw just the perfect amount of glow during an intimate conversation.

Above all, make sure your windows allow natural light into your apartment during the day.


2. Choosing Matching Furniture (e.g. From the Same Collection)

To establish a cohesive look and feel in your home, selecting matching furniture is key. One simple way to achieve this is to buy items from the same collection.

For instance, pairing a sofa, lounge chairs, and coffee table from the Aria luxury collection creates a unique touch of elegance and sophistication in your living space. The harmony of design across such a set will create an attractive flow that guides the eye smoothly from one area of your apartment to another.


3. Add Personality with Wall Art

Your walls are canvases waiting for your creativity to come alive. Hang some thought-provoking art pieces, family photographs, or even your own paintings to turn them into conversation starters for guests.

But remember, itís all about balance and harmony, so donít overdo it. Choose stuff that resonates with you and complements the color and theme of the room. Trust us, this subtle blend of personalization and aesthetics can dramatically enhance the overall appeal of your space.


4. Color-Themed Rooms - A Unique Approach to Connectivity

Having a unique color theme for each room can significantly boost the connectivity and overall aesthetic of your apartment. For example:

  • Soothing neutrals in your bedroom can foster relaxation.
  • A burst of bright colors like yellows and oranges in your kitchen could inspire creativity in cooking.
  • Bold blues or greens for your living room can make it more inviting.

However, remember to maintain a common thread of one or two colors throughout the house to ensure unity among diversity.


5. Inspired Textures: Using Fabrics to Add Dimension

Textures play a crucial role in adding character and depth to your interiors. The use of fabrics is a simple yet powerful trick to introduce varied textures.

Throw pillows, rugs, tapestries, or woven blinds- the options are endless. Try mixing different types of fabrics within a single space for extra dimension. Think about a soft velvet cushion against a coarse jute rug.

Besides looking stylish, this option also creates an interesting tactile interplay that catches everyone's attention.


6. Tap Into The Magic of Mirrors To Enhance Your Space

Mirrors are a fantastic tool in interior design, particularly for smaller apartments. Aptly placed mirrors can make your room appear larger than it actually is by reflecting light and creating an optical illusion.

Do not restrict yourself to just the traditional shapes. Get creative with mirror designs ó ornate, geometric, neutral, or edgy distressed ones. Make sure they reflect something visually pleasing; it could be an artwork, a green plant, or even a beautiful chandelier.


7. Setup for Serenity: Introducing Indoor Plants

Bring nature into your apartment with indoor plants. They not only breathe life into your spaces but contribute to ensuring cleaner air inside your home. Place a large tropical plant in an unoccupied corner or style smaller varieties on shelves or tabletops.

Feel free to experiment with different planters too. Ceramic, woven, metal, or glass, each option adds its charm and special touch to your space. Remember though, plants require care, so choose low-maintenance houseplants that match your lifestyle and time commitment.


And that just about gets it done. Youíve got seven simple yet effective tips for upgrading your apartment's interior design. To make the most out of these ideas, implement them in a way that best reflects your personality and style. The only limit, after all, is your imagination. Happy decorating!