How To Keep Your New Apartment Cool This Summer


If you're reading this article, that means you've just moved into a new apartment (good for you), but now that summer has rolled around you're struggling to cope with the heat (not so good for you). So you've gone onto Google to look for ways to keep cool and stumbled across this article.

Lucky you for finding this article, because it is jam packed with ways for you to beat the heat and keep cool in your apartment this summer. So wipe that sweat off your forehead, read this article and take a chill pill!


Keep Windows Open

Having your windows closed in the middle of summertime is a dangerous game, when it's hot out you need fresh air coming into your apartment or the air will be warm and stale.

Keep all your windows open to let in fresh air and let hot air leave your home, a cool breeze can make all the difference on a hot summer day, so keep those windows open while you're awake!

An open window


Keep Blinds Closed

Blinds almost all the way down in a window

Now you have your windows open, you probably want to open your blinds to let as much fresh air into your apartment as possible? Well that would be a poor decision.

Having your blinds open, lets Sunlight pour through into your apartment which will warm it up and counteract the cool breeze from your windows. So keep your blinds closed to block out Sunlight, but leave them slightly open to let the breeze in.


Keep Doors Open

Having the internal doors in your apartment closed is a bad decision in the heat, you'll end up with heat pooling up in rooms, meaning it'll feel like a sauna when you next venture into said room.

By keeping doors open, you allow air to circulate better around your apartment, which should keep every room in your apartment from getting too stuffy.

Open dooes in a room


Place Fans By Windows

A fan

When most people feel warm, they set up a fan in the room to keep them cool with a breeze, but most people make the mistake of putting the fan in the middle of the room and end up just blowing hot air on themselves.

If you instead put your fan near an open window, the fan will suck cool air from outside in and blow it around your room, rather than just blowing hot air.


Avoid Hot Appliances

Nothing is worse in a warm apartment than making more heat, you may not think about it but when you use your oven or kettle inside you're just adding more heat to your apartment.

You'll want to avoid appliances that generate heat, so for food try avoid cooking indoors by having more cold meals or cooking outside on a grill or BBQ instead.

Ann open oven with 3 pizzas inside


Wear Summery Clothes

Clothes on a clothing line outside

If it's the middle of summer and you're wearing jeans and a hoodie, you only have yourself to blame if you're feeling too hot.

Rather than staying in your normal clothes, you should wear summery clothes like shorts, t-shirts and linen trousers, just by swapping what you're wearing you should be able to deal with the heat much better.