How to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free in 6 Easy Ways


Livingroom, white sofa, fireplace, laptop and plant on a table.


When looking at the best-organized home picture, you might think: my home would never look like that.

But it can!

All you need is the motivation and time commitment to free your space from overwhelming amounts of stuff. Whether they are extra clothes or old paper, you can always make space to have some breathing space.

Some proven tricks will help you to do so.


Live According to Your Space

This is a great place to start if you're thinking about simplifying your life. What does "Live According to Your Space" mean? It just means that when it comes time for home decorating, don't let the size of your home dictate how much stuff you should have!

If clothes are bursting out of every possible orifice in your closet, you need to remember what kind-of space limitations exist and make smarter decisions based on those factors.


Keep a Space for Everything

One of the best tips for organizing anything is to make sure you have a place for everything and find that perfect spot.

If all your belongings are spilling out over into different corners or onto surfaces everywhere-maybe it's time to clear plastic boxes like shoe boxes (or even just an empty cabinet). Every item should have its slot to live happily in limbo until its natural home becomes apparent. Moreover, get in touch with professionals like CleanZen Boston to keep everything in shape.


Put it From Where You Got It

One of the most complex parts of this list is that section where we're told to put everything in its place.

I try telling myself it's sort of like playing a game, but not really because you can't win or lose at times and again if there are no consequences! But then, when looking back on my home after all those things have been picked up from different locations, I found it satisfying to put them in their places after use.


Stop it Before You Deal With them

Junk mail, freebies, and other things can sneak into your home without you realizing it. That's why it's essential to set up a Landing Strip by the front door, so clutter has no choice but to come in through this one point or go back out again where they came from!


Be Paper-free to Become Clutter-free

I know what a pain it is to scan all those documents! But once you're done, they will be searchable, and there's less stuff for yourself. The best part? Apps like Evernote make scanning easy so that even if your computer crashes or something happens to wipe them out of existence somehow, they're still retrievable with just one word.


It's Good to Get Rid of a Few

One of the best ways to declutter your home is by going through it once every few months. You'll feel so much lighter, making for an even happier living space!