How To Give Your Bedroom A High-End Look For Less


Bedroom. Bed with grey throw pillows


A Plush Bedroom With A Cozy Atmosphere Is A Perfect Set Up For A Good Night's Sleep


You may be flipping through bedroom design magazines and wondering how you, too, can give yours a luxurious look. If you think more strategically, you can give a sophisticated look to your bedroom without breaking your bank and spending a fortune. The below ideas will help you to give your bedroom an expensive and high-end look with very little to no investment.


Clear All The Clutter

As bedrooms are more private and we don't have guests walking in there, there is a high chance that we add loads of items there that we don't want to clutter in the living room. This ends up with a cluttered bedroom with no space. Decluttering is the first step you need to take when you want to design your bedroom. Once the mess is cleared, it will give you enough space to design and visually imagine how you want it to look. If you have things around that you don't need or use anymore, you can donate, sell, or just store them in the basement until you know what to do with them. That includes that gym equipment you put in your room but is now used as a clothes rack.


Add Some Greens

Living plants and cut flowers can add a touch or two of a more elegant look to your bedroom. A pretty vase is an inexpensive investment to make, and you can easily buy one online from eBay or Amazon. You can fill it with fragrant bouquets and add them to the nightstand. If you have a garden, you can get fresh flowers from there regularly to add to the vase in your bedroom. You can also put up a green plant in a beautiful container. Some house plants are very easy to maintain and need very little attention. Getting one of those will add a fresh element to your bedroom, and you won't have to spend too much time tending to it. It will also purify the air in the bedroom. Some plants are known for their scents that help induce sleep.


The Bed Itself

Tufted white bed near a window


Well, you can't really have a lavish-looking bedroom with all the beautiful elements around it except a good-looking bed. Careful when you shop for mattresses as though some may appear beautiful, but you may feel as if you are sleeping on a wooden board. Mattress from not only adds immediate style to your bed by creating a visually smooth look but also has memory foam to enhance your sleep. Throw in a luxuriously throw blanket made from wool, silk velvet, and so on. Stick to solid colors than garish patterns that will stand out. That means no tiger print or any such prints. Not only will your bedroom look more beautiful, but your bed too will welcome you every time you lie down for a snooze.


Add Soft Lights

When you are trying to go to sleep, harsh and bright ceiling lights will not bring in a calm feeling. Switch from those to warm yellow lights that are hanging. Chandeliers, hanging pendants, sconce, floor lamps, and so on are the many options that are easily available from which you can choose the one that fits the bedroom design. Make sure the light is not too bright, and the designs complement the furnishings in your bedroom. You can add shades to your existing lamps.


Add Luscious Curtains

Curtains are an important element in your bedroom. During the day, you can set them in a way, so the sunshine is limited and subtle in the room, and at night time, they can bring in complete darkness to help you fall off to sleep. By raising the curtains high, you can make your bedroom look more spacious. You can fix the curtain rod an inch or two below the ceiling line. This will give a look of elegance to your bedroom.


Refresh The Furniture

If the furniture in your bedroom is very old, then you can easily add a new life to it by giving it a coat of paint. You can replace the hardware of your furniture like the handles, knobs, and so on with contemporary and elegant ones. This is a very inexpensive way of sprucing up the look of your furniture. However, if they are in bad shape, then you can slowly invest in new furniture.

Have patience when designing your bedroom, and don't rush in to add too many elements at the same time. This way, you are assured that all new changes blend in to make a smooth visual appeal.