Ways You Can Decorate and Personalize Your Bedroom


To get the right amount of sleep, you need to spend one-third of each 24-hour day, or in clear terms, you need eight hours in your bedroom. Yet the bedroom can easily be neglected when it comes to decorating it - because visitors rarely visit the bedrooms. But you can personalize your master bedroom into a relaxing and soothing sanctuary; by putting your creative design-thought process into it. Decorate your room so it suits your personality.




A bedroom is your personal space, and it's all the more reason why you need to create a perfect space to curl up after a long day of hard work. Rest is essential, and it's what makes you survive through a busy day.


How To Personalize A Small Bedroom

Going forward you'll find the best ways to make your bedroom match your personality and preferences; even bedding gurus at visionbedding.com has said - the easiest way you can easily decorate and personalize your bedroom is designing it - your bedroom - in a way that reflects your style. Going forward here are ways you can easily design and personalize your room.


Display Your Collection

If you're someone who collects posters, art, etc.; whatever - it's nice you have collections; you're emotionally attached to, place it up on your bedroom wall. Buy wall designs and organize them the way you want them to be organized - put them on display. This way you personalize your room; place posters or random wall art you had up in your college dorm room - cool and reflective right?


Be A Plant Lover

The kind of plant you place in your room defines your personality. Find one or a few - that match your personality, then place it near a window for decor - this is an easy way to personalize your room. You sorta create a special bond between you and your new home. Plants will also purify the air in your place and make it easier for you to breathe.


Make Your Home Homely

Whenever you feel homesick; place photo frames of your family and friends somewhere visible in your room. Placing pleasurable items from your former home will truly make you comfortable and feel the warmth.


Paint Your Walls

If you like DIY projects; then paint your walls - you can select a color of your choice, to paint the entire room, or you can pick a geometric pattern for an accent wall. Put your creative skills to test, pick a color or more to make a theme, and paint your wall. You can check Pinterest for nice ideas for coloring your room.


Place A Wall Decal Calendar

A great wall decal calendar reflects your personality. This is a piece of design you can take seriously, to design and personalize your room, more so there are so many choices to choose from; color, font, texture, pattern, etc. - you have plenty of alternatives when you want to personalize your bedroom.


Invest In Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are not just nice - but great, because they don't only look beautiful they also save you space. There are vast types of shelves to choose from or - if you're handy and love DIY, you can easily make them all by yourself and even more make your bedroom personal.


Place A Beautiful Rug In Your Bedroom

A rug can greatly influence the design of your room and add a bit of personality to your space. There are endless rug designs to choose from.


Choose Comfortable and Stylish Sheets

The selection of sheets for your bed is more than just a practical necessity; it's an extension of your style and comfort. Opt for materials that not only compliment the overall aesthetic of your bedroom but also cater to your comfort needs. Knowing when to change your sheets is also important for maintaining a clean and fresh-looking bed. Be sure to regularly wash and rotate your sheets for maximum cleanliness and comfort.


Limit The Number Of Your Furniture

Minimalism is cool - declutter your room to make it spacious - to sleep better. A stool, bed, dresser, nightstand, and chair are all you need. You can choose wicker furniture, solid or reclaimed wood.



Add Accessories To Personalize Bedroom

Houseplants, throw pillows, a lamp that represents your theme; bedspread or duvet. All reveal your bedroom personality and design - it's just you being personal.


Make DIY Pillows

Make your room personal by making your pillows. You get to create just the look you want, and pillows are some of the easiest DIY sewing projects you could do. All you need is pillow forms, thread, fabric, and a sewing machine. Although Patterns, trims, and zippers are optional - they are also helpful if you have them and can make the project personal.


Find a piece of driftwood, a rope then make a hanging shelf to use as a nightstand in your bedroom. It kinda looks stylish, and it doesn't cost you much to make; if you have a rope and the hook.