How to Deep Clean Your Home in a Single Day


Making time for cleaning your home is a challenge that most of us fail. Despite that, it can be an excuse not to clean your house. Especially when it comes to deep cleaning your home, which we usually do once every year, it takes several days. Managing those days isn't possible for most of us with busy schedules. But what if I tell you that you can deep clean your home in a single day? Though it sounds impossible, it's doable if you are ready to follow my guidelines.


Person vacuuming, professional cleaner


Step 1: Get out of bed early

Deep cleaning your house in a single day is no joke. So, you need to get up from bed as early as possible to get a head start. It'll also keep your brain fresh and concentrated on doing the cleaning.


Step 2: Make a game plan

It is one of the most crucial parts. Before planning, make a complete proof game plan that covers cleaning every corner of your house. Also, allocate time for each task to keep track of your time.

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Step 3: Get the supplies ready

Only the right cleaning supplies can make you comfortable with cleaning and do the job on time. So, ensure you have all the necessary kitchen supplies in your hand.


Step 4: Start from the top

It's more of a trick instead of a step. Deep cleaning involves a lot of dusting; whatever you dust, always start from the top. This way, the dust from above won't ruin the surface below that you have already cleaned.


Step 5: Deal with the laundry and dishes first

Considering your home is optimally organized, the only clutters possible are the dishes and laundry. To declutter, put them in the dishwasher and washing machine first. Doing it will clear up space and make the cleaning easier.


Step 6: Get to the bathroom.

I am mentioning the bathroom separately because it's a sensitive and vital part of the house. You're getting rid of the bacteria and germs forming yearly by deep cleaning. If you have more than one bathroom, it's best to tackle them one after another instead of cleaning other stuff in between.


Step 7: Clean your kitchen

The kitchen is another sensitive spot where your food is prepared, like the bathroom. So, you need to pay extra attention here so you don't miss any sites. Don't forget kitchen appliances like the dishwasher, oven or fridge, too, because those are hot spots for bacteria.


Step 8: Go through different zones.

Assuming you are done with the bathroom and the kitchen, it's time to conquer the rest of the house. I am not going to tell you a plan as everyone should follow their procedure for cleaning the house. Instead, I want to tell you that you can divide your home into different zones and clean through them one by one.