How to Choose the Right AC Unit for Your Apartment


Summer is rapidly approaching. Depending on where you live, it's hot all year round. In as much as sunny weather is beautiful and allows for all kinds of fun outdoor activity, copious sweating is unappealing. Controlling the weather is not an option but installing an ac unit is!

This may have crossed your mind many times. Whether a standing fan can adequately meet your needs or is a unit a necessity. Now that you have decided on getting an air-conditioned unit, choosing the one which is best suited for your apartment is important for optimal satisfaction.

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Ducted Or Ductless?

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A critical point in deciding one or the other is to find out whether your apartment is outfitted with a central air system before deciding on anything. Some apartments come with pre-existing HVAC setups, largely eliminating the need for any other system. If this is in good working condition, spending where unnecessary should be avoided. However, if it functions poorly, reworking and updating might be needed. This is likely to become an expensive task and further, one you don't have the time or interest to undertake.

Skip the ductwork. Opt for a unit that gives you more for less. More control over individual room temperatures with less dust production and accumulation is allowed with a mini split ac that requires one-day installation. No hassle, no extensive-time lost from work, no remodeling to consider. Ripping into walls and ceilings avoided. Select from indoor models for your convenience. Wall mounts, floor mounts, ceiling cassettes, and horizontally ducted choices are available. Outdoor options are also at your disposal.

Size Matters

The size of both the room and of the unit comes into play. How much space are you working with? Based on your square footage, you can select a unit with the appropriate BTU. Avoid placing an overly powerful unit in a small room. Not only will the cycles of the unit be prompted to change more often causing degradation of the equipment at a faster rate, but humidity will be off and your electric bill will be increased. Alternatively, a small ac unit in a spacious area will result in a deficient cooling function leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. Worst of all, sweating!

Measure and multiply the width and length of your room using the measurement of feet. This number will be the square footage. Now, not only can you choose a properly sized unit, a BTU to match becomes possible. For spaces three hundred and fifty square feet and under, a capacity of eight thousand will do. For four hundred to four-fifty square feet, a greater BTU of ten thousand is needed. As you would have noticed, the larger the room, the greater the cooling capacity unit required.

In addition to the size of the room, further, consider these factors which also impact the strength of the unit needed.

  • The number of persons who will habitually occupy the space

  • The presence of ceiling fans

  • The color of the roof of the apartment

House Rules?

Apart from the physicalities, consider the structural allowances of the building. You should be very aware of any restrictions to works you are allowed to do, including an AC introduction. If you know from the outset that you cannot knock through a wall, then automatically some ac designs are immediately out the window.

If your apartment is located on a very populated and busy street, and safety concerns are high, the guidelines may be that no window units should be mounted. If unaware of this you proceed to install such, the legal ramifications could be heavy. What if you have very sound-sensitive neighbors? Some units generate quite a lot of noise. Even these little things can become a nightmare if not taken into consideration prior to installation.

Whether you plan to stay five years or five months in an apartment should also make a huge difference. If you are going to be changing address fairly quickly, then the installation of a non-portable system is questionable.

Once you narrow down and work through these points, you'll be well on your way to having the perfect ac unit for your needs. The size of your room directly correlates with the strength of the unit needed. Questions should be asked and conversations should be had prior to installation to ensure that any action taken is within allowances of the building management. Options abound. With the all-clear, there are a number of styles, sizes, and makes to choose from. The aesthetic of your space can be maintained or even enhanced by the right unit. Not to mention you'll stay one step ahead of the heat.