How to Choose the Perfect Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Your Home


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Luxury vinyl planks are the perfect choice for any home. They offer a wide range of benefits that other types of flooring don't necessarily provide, such as being easy to clean, looking aesthetically pleasing, and being highly durable.

Luxury vinyl is the perfect option for areas of the home that receive a high volume of traffic, as it won't show signs of wear and tear very easily. It's also an affordable flooring option if you're renovating on a budget.

To experience all of these benefits, you'll need to make sure you choose the right luxury vinyl flooring for your home. Below, we have covered some important factors to consider in order to find the perfect luxury vinyl planks.


Type of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

There are a couple of different types of luxury vinyl, including luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles.

The former looks like traditional hardwood flooring and is available in a wide range of finishes and colours. The latter looks more like stone or ceramic tiles and tends to look better when you want a more classic and unique appearance in your home.



Luxury vinyl flooring is available in a variety of finishes, some of which are glossy and smooth and others of which are textured. Consider the aesthetic you're hoping for with your new flooring in order to decide which type of finish is the most suitable for your wishes.

Glossy finishes give your luxury vinyl flooring an eye-catching appearance but can be slightly slippery. Matte finishes are more slip-resistant and are better when you want a more muted finish to your flooring.

Textured vinyl flooring can emulate the appearance of natural hardwood or stone. They offer the same classic, professional, and expensive appearance as traditional hardwood or stone flooring without the hefty price tag.


Style and Appearance

The overall look of your chosen luxury vinyl sheet flooring influences whether it looks great in your home or not, so it's an important factor to consider.

Depending on the colour, pattern, and finish of the luxury vinyl planks you choose, they will look unique. Make sure to consider the current aesthetics inside your home (especially the areas where you want to lay down your new vinyl flooring) to find the perfect style of luxury vinyl flooring.


Installation Method

Luxury vinyl flooring can be installed in a couple of different ways - click-lock and glued down. The click-lock mechanism enables the planks or tiles to clip together easily, so most people are able to install them as a DIY project and save money hiring a professional to do the job.

Glued down luxury vinyl planks can be a little trickier to install but tend to be more stable than those installed with a click-lock mechanism. Due to being more durable, they are a better choice for areas of your home that receive a high volume of traffic.