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Sonalized Christmas Gifts

The Tree of Gifts:

Surprises greet you like gifts under the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree symbolizes surprise, hope, anticipation, expectation, memories, love, happiness and cheerfulness. Every gift under the Christmas Tree is packed with the above emotions in mind. The pleasure on a mothers face, seeing her son leap with joy on receiving a Sony PlayStation console is incomparable to anything else. Similarly, a wife gifting a husband a watch he always oozed over is a surprise he would cherish forever.

A unique Christmas:

Gifts are meant to bring joy, but the pleasure of receiving a personalized gift is indescribable. So in this write-up, we shall cater to personalized gifts. You can celebrate your Christmas by surprising family and friends in a special way. What are personalized gifts Anything and everything that you buy can be made special by adding a personal touch. You just need to jostle your creative spirit and you will add sparkle to a simple, ordinary present. Often digging up old, decrepit items from your mothers chest and rejuvenating them by implementing a few ideas can make them unique gifts people will so love to receive.

How your Christmas gifts can be unique:

That age old photograph of your mother riding a horse has been lying unseen, unappreciated in the old family album for so many years. Lift it from the bulky picture book and get it framed, engraved with a personal note from you. And your mother will leap with joy (take care she doesnt break her bones whole doing the leap).

If your father loves champagne, you can prepare a case that can not only contain the bottle but also serve as a decoration piece for the living room. You just have to cut thin slices from a sheet of plywood for the side pillars, a flat sheet to support the bottle from behind and nail them up. The next step is to paste old pictures of you and your dad, for

instance on your first birthday, the first time he taught you to ride you a bicycle, the first time you gifted him a cell phone and his expression on receiving it. You could also attach vintage paraphernalia such as an old badge that he used to wear during football matches, or sample sports shoes that he had got from his travels abroad. Once the champagne bottle is removed from the case, these pieces will no longer be furtive, making the case an antique piece you would proudly display.

Sometimes using your imagination, you can render ordinary things special. For example, you can bake a cake and put a clay figure of your daughter in a dancing position and place on top of it for the superb personal touch. And it can make an extraordinary gift. While you eat the cake, the figure can rest forever on your shelf in the hall. Similarly preparing a box of chocolates for every specific individual age group can be fun. While you can have cartoon-faced ones for the kids, adults can choose from the faces of lovely women and men. You just have to get the moulds for the required faces and getting them is very easy from the market. After you are done with the preparation, package one of the boxes saying, for adults only. That will arouse a certain level of curiosity as well and your Christmas party will be replete with fun.

You could write your own love lyrics for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, get them printed with a picture of the theme on every page and file them together. And you have a personalized book of poems ready. A quilt with old and new pictures is also a very special gift item for family members. Choose the pictures you want displayed on the quilt; scan them and print them on the quilt. Of course, you will have to choose the cloth for the quilt covering before you head for the scans. Colorful pictures on a smooth satin background will not only look elegant but also have a feel-good touchan ideal gift to go to sleep with.

Those who have the talent for fine art and love to experiment with the painting brush can have a very different lighting setting for the living room. Take a couple of regular 60-watt bulbs and paint them with different colors, using psychedelic patterns. After the colors dry up, put them together and you have a big, round lamp. Now get a circular lamp cover. You can also stitch one up for it. You can also light them and for a never-before-seen lighting ambience in your hall. Imagine doing a ball dance in such an ambience!

Shopping for unique knick-knacks for gifts:

Doing the rounds of the market for material stretching from laces, paper, adhesive to plywood and so on can be tedious. So the best way to do this is to go a departmental store where you will find almost everything you are looking for. Jot down your list prior to stepping out for the grand shopping spree and then pick your items one by one. For instance, if you want to print a calendar for the coming year with family pictures, you just need to buy fine quality paper to excellent print results, printer ink only if it has expired, gift cover and a fancy ribbon to tie it up. If you were to do the

Personalizing gifts:

After youre done with buying the gifts, you can engrave notes within the gift itself and not just on the packaging. A calendar can have your note printed on every page, a quilt can have your note embroidered, chocolates that you prepared yourself for the kids can have colored notes with interesting trivia on them that can serve as coasters on tables later.

With ideas mentioned above and more that can be churned out just by putting some thought, you can have a superb gift-special Christmas party for your loved ones at your home.