Outdoor Christmas Lights

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Christmas Celebrations

Introduction: - Christmas is a holy day for the Christians all over the world as they celebrate the birth of their Lord Jesus, who was born on December 25 of the Julian calendar.

The celebration of Christmas involves a series of traditional and modern formalities, which includes exchange of gifts among friends and family members, decorations and display of the Christmas tree and then the arrival of Santa Claus who is expected to come along with a lot of gifts. Especially children wait eagerly for the arrival of Santa Claus, who is thought of as a great samaritan engaging in distributing gifts to the poor, children and the needy. The song, dashing through the snow .. is a welcoming song usually sung by Christians all over the world, indicating the arrival of Santa Claus.


Santa Claus:

He is also known as Father Christmas. His original name is said to be Saint Nicholas, Saint Basil and Father Frost. It is believed in several Latin American countries that Santa Claus makes dolls, toys and then gives them to baby Jesus to


Christmas Decorations:

The decorations involved in the Christmas celebrations include the making of cribs and decorating the Christmas tree with lamps, bells, stars etc.



The cribs are the symbolic representation of the birth events of Lord Jesus and the other narrations involved in the Holy Bible. Small huts depicting the birth place of Jesus at Bethlehem, installing baby Jesus Idols along with his parents Joseph and Mary, the three stars guiding the holy men are all imbibed in a very cozy manner in every Christian home.


The Christmas tree:

It is often considered as the ancient pagan idea that refers to the Christianization of the evergreen tree which is a symbolic representation of the renewal of life on earth. The outdoor christmas lights therefore forms an important part of celebration on this festive day. The trees are usually decorated with lights and various ornaments. The interiors of every Christian home are also designed with garlands, flowers and illuminated lights.


Christmas Light Decorations: -

Lighting candles and other luminary decorative lights are one of the important aspects of the Christmas decorations. The Christmas trees are found more charming,


sparkling and attractive when they are illuminated with lights. These days light decorations on the eve of Christmas celebrations have been a great money making profession, which has become an art itself. The concept of the combination of setting up of the color of lights and the manner in which it has been placed are most important aspects one has to bear in mind while preparing him for the outdoor christmas lights decorations. Red, green and yellow lights are the colors that denote a festive atmosphere. A combination of many colors may look appropriate for a coniferous tree, while a combination of not more than three colors must be used on a deciduous tree. Low watt bulbs should be used for strings and indoor light decorations, whereas the high watt bulbs may be used for outdoor decorations, which will have to be viewed from a distance. Also adequate care has to be taken to check out that all connections are taped with electrical tapes to avoid short circuits. Care should also be taken while climbing the branches of the tree which has to be decorated. A step ladder may be used to climb the tree for installation and the decoration work. This procedure has to be carried out carefully from top to bottom and not vice versa as this can increase the risk of the of electrical shocks.


Placing of outdoor lights on the Christmas tree can add an extra charm on the festive mood of a person and his family. The outdoor christmas lights can also add a dramatic effect when it is installed around a visual background of some design or foliage. These all extra inputs add an extra dimension to the festival, making it more unique. Along with this as discussed earlier proper care should be taken while installing the outdoor lights, in and around ones house. These days lights are arranged in a small ornamental string like design which are also available on a chip board type of controllers, which adds an extra effect on the lightings. But these lightings are usually preferred for interior house decorations as they lack any serious water proof security. Also the quality of the insulation of the lighting wire is not of best quality and secure for outdoor use.


Always make it a point to check that the electrical lighting systems are specifically designed for outside use, whenever we desire to use the lighting system for the exterior of the house. This holds good not only for the string of bulbs, but is also applicable to the extension cords and any of the control gears. Make sure to tie up the extra length of the lighting cable wire to some strong non conductor material that may not whirl up with the wind. Make sure that the extra lengthy cable is not left free on the ground. Also check out that the main feed system is safely taken through an ELCB (earth leakage circuit breaker), which can turn off the electric supply if there is any leakage to the ground, by human or animal contact, or through any conducting material.


If there is a need to connect some of the additional lightings to the outdoor Christmas lights in parallel, to the one that already exist, then please check out the ratings of the main supply that will transmit power to both the lighting systems. This is to ensure that the system is permitted to carry on the additional load safely. In most of the cases, thin wires are used, which can rarely carry more power than its load. Hence it would be much safer to rig up a thick wire cable, which is able to transport about four times more than the present load from the beginning. This would surely provide the necessary requirements, needed in case one would like to add more lights. If one is not sure about the ratings of the cable wire, check out the label or packaging for more information on the matter to be on the safer side. After installation of the outdoor christmas lights check the lightings carefully for any damaged or exposed wires with broken sockets.