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Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

With the thought of Christmas what come first to most minds are Christmas tree and then other things. Christmas tree has a long association with the festival of Christmas. In fact Christmas tree has become a symbol of the festival. There are several stories associated with Christmas tree and thus as interesting history.

History of Christmas tree

Christmas tree has a long old history dating back to the 16th century. It was the Germans who brought the Christmas trees home, to celebrate the annual Feast of Adam and Eve on 24th December. They called these trees as paradise trees. The trees reached to US and other parts of the world through German immigrants and became popular in less time. There are many stories associated with Christmas tree, this is just one of the most popular story.

Christmas tree Biological features

Fir and Pine trees are used as Christmas trees. They are generally thin and long, with pointed leaves. They belong to the evergreen foliage thus look green even in heavy snow.

Decorating the Christmas tree

Christmas tree is as being the symbol the Christmas it is one the most

important part of the Christmas Décor. A Christmas tree is part of all houses celebrating the festival. Decorating the Christmas tree is one the most exciting part of the festival and adds to the spirit of the festival. There are various things that can be used decorate the Christmas tree.

1. Lighting: Lighting can add colorful sparkle and a spectrum of beauty to the tree. Special blinking and LED lights are available that can easily wrapped over the tree.

2. Bells: Bells of different colors can be hanged over the tree. Bells signify the church belle and bell, which the Santa Clause holds. Bells also signify music and thus peace.

3. Candy: Candies in different colors will be a great ornament for decorating a Christmas tree. Normally candies come in combination of white strips. However one can aslo make different colors to have a unique décor

4. Christmas Balls: These are colorful balls and can be hanged on the tree. Balls add a unique spectrum to the tree making it more attractive.

5. Candles: Candles add a great beauty to the Christmas tree. Candles are available in different patterns and styles. They add a twinkling and glowing beauty to the tree.

6. Angels: Angels are the most important part of the Christmas tree décor. Angels come in different styles and patterns and look wonderful on the tree.

7. Star: Usually a Christmas tree is decorated with a star placed on the top of tree. Starts come many styles and colors. There are special light stars, which look highly attractive.

A Christmas tree symbolizes various attributes of the creation. It symbolizes light and movement of angels. Further it also stands for the gifts of orchard and field, forest and sea. The star at the top, points to end of the journey and the place of peace. The evergreen tree symbolizes evergreen and ever lasting festival of Christmas.