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Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas tree lights

Christmas denotes the moment of joy, happiness and jubilation. It is marked by celebration. The order of the festival is to beautify the place around and a very important tool to achieve this is the Christmas tree. Christmas tree lights is the accessory to enhance the beauty of the Christmas tree.

History of the Christmas tree lights

The Christmas tree light was the creation of Edward H Johnson. He was an employee of the company owned by Thomas Alva Edison. The first Christmas tree light was hand wired. There was a chain of light consisting of the incandescent light bulbs. The light bulbs were of various colors like white, red, blue and many more. There were approximately 80 bulbs in place in order to illuminate the place. This light was personalized by Edward Johnson and was not meant for commercial purpose until 1900 when it was distributed commercially in the market. During the primary stage the Christmas tree lights were very expensive and it was hard for the common person to afford one. But gradually the cost of the Christmas tree lights have decreased and now even the common man can light up his Christmas tree. The Christmas trees light with the electric bulbs have come out of the closet and are even kept for the public display.

How they work

The Christmas tree lights are basically for the ornamental purpose.

These lights are used during the night when it is dark as a symbol of enlightenment. The Christmas tree lights are generally wrapped around the Christmas tree. Previously candles were used but with passing times candles have been replaced by electrically illuminated bulbs. The Christmas tree is thus placed near to an electric source. The connection of the Christmas tree lights is then connected to the electricity source. The safety of the electricity connection must be taken care of. There are various types of the electric bulbs used to illuminate the Christmas tree. There are different bulbs of different power.

Types of Christmas tree light

There various types of Christmas light used to illuminate the Christmas tree. There are some prominent types, which has been discussed here. The first one is the incandescent bulb. This is the most primitive form of the bulb. These bulbs emits broad spectrum of white light. To enhance their effect they can be coated with various paints and colored filters. The next is the bubble lights. These lights are advanced form of the incandescent light. These lights consist of light tube filled with colored liquids. The liquid is generally bubbling and illuminating in nature. Then there are LED lights. These light bulbs emit monochromatic light. These lights can emit white as well as colored light. These days these light sources are also capable of emitting polychromatic light as well. The next one is the fiber optic. These fibers optics are the extension from the regular light sources like the LED and the incandescent bulbs. These fibers are operated by using the step down transformer.

There are several other light sources, which can be used in order to enhance the beauty of the Christmas tree.