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Christmas Poems

Christmas poems

The arrival of December reminds us of the celebration of Christmas. The birth of Christ marked in the history as on December 25, is celebrated every year after the death of Christ. It is purely a celebration of the Christians but is celebrated by all, today, all over the world. Christmas refers to the Christ and enjoyment, celebrations.


The history of a Christmas festival dates over 4000 years. Ancient midwinter celebrated the return of the sun from cold and darkness. Midwinter is the turning point between the old year and the New Year, fire being the symbol of hope and boughs of greenery symbolizing the eternal cycle of creation. The Christmas is the original word but Xmas was the word originated from the Greek. Christmas means Christ's mass and is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and baptism. The month of December marks the birth of Christ, although the exact date has never been known but surely, the event took place in December. Earlier the birth of the Christ child, in the Christian centuries, was not to be celebrated in any manner. However, the tradition dictates that the occasion has been honored since 98 A.D. in 137 A.D. the bishop of Rome ordered that the birth of Jesus Christ be observed as a solemn feast. Julius I selected December 25 as the celebration of birthday of Jesus Christ.


A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom. Wisdom is found in the words of poems. Poems have many uses; people use them in cards, in speeches, as inspiration, evoking, preaching. Reading a poem can change your thinking on a topic or it can describe how you are feeling. Poems are the friends we make them, expressing in words a thought, of happiness, sadness, caring, love, experience dearly bought. Christmas poems could be helpful in passing on the message given by Jesus Christ.

Christmas and poems

Christmas has always remained as a bottomless source of poetic inspiration, religious feelings, and tender invitation to open our minds and hearts to the mystery of god personified. Scripture and the gospels say the story, celebrating its present reality. Many devotions centering on the grace of Christmas help us to make of our heart a manger to hold and cherish the Christ. Christmas poems remind us of the story, evoking sentiments of gratitude and praising. The poetry as a word and symbol, promote necessary evoking but mainly entertain the spirit of the Christmas season. The poems that are offered are of many forms and are from many sources, the pictures. There are many poems written on Christmas by many famous well-known poets. All these poems convey the Christmas message. There are even short stories described tin these poems, for children. The Christmas poems convey the message of love, care, joy, peace. Tales, short stories, rhymes, concert are conveyed in the form of poems. Poems have a complete different impact on the person reading or listening. The Christmas poem is a verse that celebrates the magic of Christmas. Religious Christmas poems are very popular. Christmas poems add spices to the celebration of the Christmas festival.