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You would see colored lights decorating all the town centers and shops, along with all those shiny decorations also the artificial snow painted on the windows of all the shops around you. Everywhere Christmas trees are decorated with lights and jewellery, a real, or an artificial Christmas tree would be decorated, but for surely will be. All the shopping centers are full with people and there are Christmas carols being played everywhere. There are parties, feasts, traditional cakes, sweets, lights, all around you would seem dreadfully beautiful. As you see all this around, only one thing can struck is, Christmas is arriving.

December 25

In the countries of the world, the festival of Christmas is celebrated on December 25, supposing it as a high point of the year. Today the Christians believe that the birth of Jesus Christ, as recorded in bible, is the origin for the Christmas celebration. However, most of us see on December 25 that it has nothing to do with this blessed day. One may wonder if there is a real message behind this Christmas celebration. The month of November reminds us of the forthcoming Christmas.

Ancient holiday

The middle of winter has been a time for celebration since the old times. Decades earlier the birth of Jesus Christ was celebrated with light in the darkest days of the winter. Many people rejoiced during the winter solstice, when the worst of the winter was behind them and they could look ahead to longer days and extended hours of the daylight. The end of December was the perfect time for the celebration of Christmas in most of the areas.

Controversy of Christmas

The actual Christmas is filled with all the controversies and the compromises. The actual reason behind the celebration of this Christmas day, December 25, is to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus. Christmas holiday that we celebrate today is indicative of Christianitys willingness to absorb the worlds customs and traditions, and forget its simple roots in the historical reality of Jesus Christ. Christmas should be nothing more than a simple, still a wonderful remainder of the Christs humble beginning as a human child in this world. Jesus Christs birth simply set up the stage for power, magnificence, and salvation. All this was reveled in his life, death, and renaissance. Christmas is celebrated in many countries till the mid of February and one uses every opportunity to reflect Jesus Christ and his message of hope in everyone.

Approaching Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and still there are loads that you would have to do. No worries, this is the time for enjoyment and lazing around cheerfulness of the Christmas spirit. So, most of us will be already ready to indulge in this exciting and the heart warming festival, Christmas. You will have to decorate you house and you backyard, starting from cleaning, to painting, and last decorating using different decorations. You would prepare the tradition foodstuffs, especially for Christmas. You will have to buy cards and gifts for your loved ones, a tradition followed in Christmas also a way to express love. Partying on this day is like a tradition. While doing all this one should not forget the main reason behind celebration which is Jesus Christ.