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The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other--Burton Hillis (Better Homes and Gardens)

With the Merry Christmas season around the corner, you are in a tizzy, wondering what to gift to your loved ones, your colleagues, and a whole lot of others. Do not fret! This article aims to give readers a few suggestions to get together a lovely basket christmas gift. Do keep in mind that these are mere ideas and you should avoid going beyond a fixed budget.

Types of Baskets for Christmas Gifts

* Bamboo

* Cane

* Brass

* Hand painted metal

Make Your Own Basket

Why order a basket when you can make your own Just head to a local nursery and select a pretty basket christmas gift in which flowers are generally hung. A flat base to the basket will enable better arrangement of the gifts within. On the base, place a piece of gift paper, perhaps with Christmas stars or bells. If you are gifting something dainty, such as a porcelain

statuette, you can place it on a bed of cotton on which you can sprinkle shiny tinsel. Make sure you dont place any heavy gifts on top of the dainty piece! Cover everything over with brightly colored cellophane paper. This too, could have a printed design on it appropriate to the Christmas season. You could leave the handle itself uncovered. Wrap a pretty satin ribbon around the baskets handle and put a bow in the center of the handle. Alternatively, instead of a satin ribbon and bow, you could attach with sticking tape artificial or even fresh flowers along the handle. In the center of the handle, you could also hang a key chain of a cute Santa or a heart or any other charm that will appeal to the recipient. Voila! Your basket christmas gift is ready!

The Recipient and Gift Ideas for Him / Her

*The Corporate World: Strengthen your relationship with a client, a colleague or a business associate with a gift basket during the Christmas season. The most common corporate gift basket for this occasion is one that contains a bottle of wine and some cheese. If you are planning to gift individual baskets to your employees, you could consider a gift that is appropriate to the work they do. For example, you could place a small radio in the basket of cookies that you gift the driver of your delivery truck.

* Children: See a childs eyes sparkle in delight when you gift a basket of goodies! Along with a few chocolates, put in a small soft toy or a minuature jack-in-the-box. They would also be delighted to have a Santa / elf cap. You could even encourage a young child to learn to save by gifting a piggy bank with a few cents jingling inside!

* Teenagers: Young adults will be glad to receive a gift basket containing a music CD. Boys would love a trendy sports band or a belt or a cap along with a video game. A fragrant perfume spray could also be considered if you feel it would be appreciated. Girls can be gifted with a basket of fashion jewelry, a trendy scarf or belt, and some cosmetics. You could place the jewelry and cosmetics in beautiful individual boxes and put them in the basket with a packet of cookies.

* Friends: Your friend is your buddy, so youre bound to know his or her interests. Accordingly, put such items in the gift basket that will appeal instantly to him or her. For example, if your friend loves playing baseball, you could surprise him with a miniature baseball bat and a VCD on baseball greats.

* Your Life Partner / Sweetheart: Express your love to your spouse / fiance in a romantic way with something unique. Place a chain with a hear-shaped pendant or locket in a pretty jewelry box. You need not buy an expensive gold one it could be something simple! Buy some beautiful writing paper with a bordered design on it. Write something romantic if you feel this is difficult, search the World Wide Web for an inspirational poem or quote. Roll up the paper and tie it with a friendship band to indicate he / she is your best friend! [See later section on making your own message] Place the box and the paper in the basket. Put in some small flowers, a couple of chocolates in different shapes, cover with cellophane and hand over to your sweetheart, and see that radiant smile light up her face! For a man: Put a box of cufflinks and / or a tiepin in the jewelry box. Add a bottle of his favorite perfume to the basket. Men, too, like chocolates and cookies so you can put these too!

* Grandparents / Senior Citizens: Keeping their good health in mind, you should be aware of their dietary restrictions if you are gifting food items. For example, you could gift sugar-free eatables. One of the most common gifts for grandparents is a photo frame of grandchildren. You could also give a comfortable pillow or woolen scarf. You can gift your grandmother a pretty bracelet dont assume that only young people like trendy stuff! Another option is to put in CDs of their favorite music or a DVD.

* For a multitude of gift ideas:

A word of caution: When purchasing a gift online, make sure it is from a reliable source and it is a secured site.

Gift Certificates

If you are really short of ideas, the best solution to lessen the stress of thinking of an ideal gift would be to gift a Gift Certificate. This could be not necessarily for basket christmas gift at a local store. You could even gift a certificate for a beauty treatment at a salon or a rejuvenating massage at a spa. If it within your budget, you could gift a holiday trip too book rooms at a Bed & Breakfast Inn for a weekend holiday. Gift certificates can be given to anyone and everyone, irrespective of age or gender. It is also a wonderful option to consider when a close friend or family member cannot be in town to enjoy the festive season with you have it sent via the Internet.

Have Fun Selecting a Christmas Gift Basket!

Christmas gift suggestions from Oren Arnold: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.