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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas carol:

Christmas is the day which is celebrated as the birth day of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated as an annual Christian ad secular holiday. It incorporates various Christian ceremonies along with various ancient traditions. One such tradition is singing the Christmas Carol.

Christmas carol:

Christmas Carol is the song which is sang on the eve of Christmas by many people. Precisely speaking it is a song or hymn which is completely based on Christmas and nothing else. The whole song is dedicated to the beautiful occasion of Christmas. The lyrics of the song also speak of the winter season along with the beautiful occasion of Christmas. The Christmas carol is sung before the Christmas i.e. on the eve of Christmas and also during the day of the very day throughout. The Christmas carol is a communal song. Earlier in the thirteenth century people used to sing communal songs on different occasions such as during harvesting etc. Gradually people attributed this communal song to Christmas and started to sing communal songs like the Christmas Carol in the church on occasions of Christmas. Now people sing the Christmas carol specifically for this occasion. There is also another legend where people say that the carols are named after a little girl called Carol poles who was supposed to have disappeared in the Whitechapel district of London. In order to search the girl the group who went searching for her at night sang the carols so as to declare their good intentions to Jack the Ripper.

Singing the Carols:

Strong tune and group singing characterize the Christmas carol. People dont sing it alone rather they sing it in a group. Most of the carols are based on medieval chord patterns which make it very unique to listen. This unique chord gives them unique musical sound. Some of the carols can be traced back directly to the middle ages and are also among the oldest musical compositions which are still regularly sung on the day of Christmas. However these carols suffered a severe setback during the reformation phase of the countries but somehow survived in the rural communities. Nowadays the people are singing these carols at all religious services. Though these carols can be sung by a single person, singing in a group is preferred over the former. The group consists of professional trained choirs. Christmas carols can also played on musical instruments. There are some traditional ways of playing the Christmas Carol. One of the traditions is the brass bands.

Christmas carol A tale:

Christmas carol also refers to the tale which was written by Charles Dickens. The name of the book that he wrote was known as A Christmas Carol. It is one of the legends that have been a success over times. People nowadays also like to read this story. It is basically a morality tale concerning the old and bitter Ebenezer Scrooge who experiences an amazing tour of his past, present and future life which changes him completely. The Christmas carol written by Charles Dickens is divided into five literary pieces of music. It is said that if someday Christmas loses its ancient and hospitable customs then this is the book that will bring everything back.