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Dinosaur Birthday Cakes


Dinosaur Birthday cakes:

Children are taught many exciting topics at school, one of them being Dinosaurs. Due of this reason, a Dinosaur birthday party is very fashionable and full of fun among children.

Dinosaurs were present on earth millions of years ago before even human beings existed. Dinosaurs are types of prehistoric reptiles that lived during the age of reptiles i.e. the Mesozoic Era. Most Dinosaurs hatched from eggs. However, none of these reptiles were able to fly or live in water. However, the color pattern of the Dinosaurs is still unknown.

A Dinosaur Birthday Cake is an ultimate choice for children of all ages. They can have a Dinosaur Themed Party where the main focus is the Dinosaur Cake. Apart from getting a Dinosaur Cake, you can also include many other things that are in sync with the Dinosaur Theme Party. These things can include Dinosaur cupcakes, Dinosaur cones, Dinosaur biscuits and Dinosaur chocolates. The Dinosaur Birthday Cake can be a fantasy figure or a t-rex, brontosaurus depending on the age of the child.

One can think of several ways to make the dinosaur theme birthday an unforgettable event for your kid and his or her friends. While sending out invitations to all the children, you can prepare the birthday card in the shape of Dinosaur or include many colorful dinosaur pictures to make it livelier. You could also place the invitation card in a colored plastic egg, exactly the way you find at Easter.

A dinosaur cake is easy to make and is sure to be a bang for your kids birthday party. The ingredients required for the Dinosaur Birthday Cake include 1 box (3 ounce) instant pistacho pudding, 1 box yellow cake mix, three eggs, one cup carbonated water, one cup vegetable Oil, one cup chopped nuts (pecans or walnuts) and Green food coloring .

After you have gathered all the above mentioned ingredients, then mix the oil, cake mix, pudding mix, eggs, and carbonated water in a large bowl thoroughly. Stir this mixture continuously for about three to four minutes and then add the nuts and stir again. After this, add drops of green food coloring which will give a green color like that of a dinosaur. Pour the complete mixture into a big greased pan and microwave it for around 30 to 35 minutes at 350F degrees power.

After this is done, then let the cake cool completely. In case you want the cake to have the shape of a dinosaur, then you can cut the cake into the shape of a dinosaur. For ease you can cut the shapes for the body, head, neck, tail, and spines and then arrange these shapes collectively to make one big dinosaur. After the cake has attained the shape of a dinosaur, then spread the green topping on the cake so that the different shapes unify together for a continuous look.

You can also have special Dinosaur Cake Topping for your Dinosaur Birthday Cake. For this you will need an envelope of whipped topping mix, one box of pistachio pudding, one and half cup of milk and green food coloring.

After you have gathered all the required ingredients for the Dinosaur Cake Topping, pour the pistachio pudding mix and whipped topping mix together in a bowl and then add milk to this mixture. Then beat until thick and then add many drops of food coloring.

After this, spread the green topping over the entire cake. You can then use pecan nuts, walnuts, chocolate chips, purple gum drops, cookie crumbs, Hersheys kisses, maraschino cherries, or any other creative topping to decorate your dinosaur cake. You can even make prehistoric grass by adding green food coloring to finely chopped coconut and carrots.

Consider in mind the Dinosaur theme party; you can also put some miniature dinosaurs and decorate your house. You can also sever footprints in the shape of dinosaurs and color them in green. These dinosaur footprints can be placed near the doorstep. Having a big green color candle in the shape of a dinosaur will add further to the Dinosaur theme party.

Besides all the above, you can even have specific Dinosaur Birthday Party Food for kids. Some of the cuisines can include, pretzel sticks, pasta salad, potato chips, cornbread, eggs, Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, etc.

During the birthday party, children can also enjoy themselves more by playing the Dinosaur Hunt Game. You can conceal small plastic green color dinosaurs in a small box and hide each at a different corner of the house. The kid who searches and comes up with the maximum number of dinosaurs wins the first prize and so on. You can even set a time limit for the Dinosaur Hunt Game.

You can also add some more things to the Dinosaur theme party, such as dinosaur tattoos, binoculars, dinosaur pencils, dinosaur erasers, dinosaur toys, etc.


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