chocolates and cakes


Introduction: Chocolate, if you go by the dictionary, it says that the chocolate is nothing but a fine paste of cacoa fruit mixed with sugar. But, if you ask anyone ranging from a toddler to an old man to define - what chocolate is the answer definitely will come as chocolate is something which gives a sense of undefined pleasure.

Even the little ones who have not learnt the way to express their feelings with the words can express the flavours of chocolates with the happy glint in their eyes and the uncanny smile on their faces. The moment one visualize of chocolate, one can easily feel the mouth-watering taste in his or her mouth. Thanks to the manufacturers of such mouth watering chocolates that we can have tons and tons of such content without even using our teeth, the chocolates just melts the moment we put it in our mouths.

History - 1500 BC-400 BC Generally it is believed that the Olmec Indians are first to grow cocoa beans and much latter after many transformations around 14th Century, the Aztec people started producing and consuming cocoa drinks and xocalati was the name given to it. So, firstly the chocolate started as a drink, around 1657 a French started a chocolate house in London the coffee mill and tobacco mill to sell the chocolate drink to the elite class. In 1674, firstly the chocolate solid bars were introduced for consumption. And after that the invention has not stopped even for a moment, nowadays we find chocolates of various tastes, sizes and even shapes, even chocolates in the form of animal shapes are very popular among people generally used for gifts.

Types of chocolate: there are innumerable types of chocolates available from the various manufacturers from around the world. Commonly available are WHITE, DARK, MILK, SWEET- DARK, SEMI SWEET, BITTER SWEET and UNSWEETENED. In case anyone is interested to upgrade his knowledge about the various types and the contents involved in those types and also about the manufacturers, who make such kind of chocolates, below is the link for one of the useful site regarding the same, browse through and fill up your appetite.


Ingredients: normally the chocolate is a mixture of many a chemicals, but the main ingredients are CAFFEINE, THEOBROMINE, and PHENYLETHYLAMINE.

Related health hazard: Many a things were said about the ill effects of the mouth-watering delicacies but till now even after many a year of its existence nothing concrete has been proved till now. More than the hazard of the chemicals involved affecting the health of a person, actually its the habit of consuming chocolates or even anything over the limits, which turns the game of sensual pleasure into ill effects. Even the researchers believe that after consuming large amount of chocolates the sensual effect is something similar to the effect of consuming Marijuana. This may be the cause of feel good factor after consuming chocolates.

In case you are interested to know in detail what a chocolate is and what are the different pros n cons of consuming chocolates, you can browse through the site below to upgrade your knowledge


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Best use: Besides munching the mouth watering delicacies, the best use for the chocolates is to give out gifts, be it any occasion or person of any page, chocolates are one of the best gifts considered all over the world. The only precaution to be taken is the ambient temperature to store the chocolates as the melting temperature for chocolates are quiet low, which can be easily gauged by the fact that the moment we put a piece of chocolate in our mouth, the warmth of our mouth melts it and helps the sweet buds in our tongue to get accustomed and habitual of these great delicacies. So, consider the kind of chocolates to be gifted according the season, use thick chocolates with nuts and wafers especially during summers.

Day in day out people are doing brain storming to come up with ideas to sell more and more varieties of chocolates to the common man, one of the You can also use sites like the one below to order the chocolate gift packs, Cadbury is a name synonym with chocolate, the moment one hear about Cadbury, one can easily visualize the taste of munching a mouth-watering chocolate

Even you can order a photograph complete with frames made of edible chocolate, surprising but true, browse through the site below to know more, so now you have much more options of distributing gifts to your loved ones, and that too with their photographs on it, one can even have photographs of past memories, vacations, school days, or anything, the list is endless, you just have to concentrate and think about the moment and the related aspects and you will definitely the only one to strike the bulls eye.

To end the topic, I like to share something interesting which will definitely enhance the mood of even those who wants to savour the best of chocolates day in and day out but restrain from doing so thinking about the slight bad effects on their health, now they can have atleast a very genuine excuse to go ahead and please their senses. And the unknown truth is everyone knows the chocolates help to raise the moods but there is an article, which proves that it saves rainforests too, sounds interesting, and below is the url for the same


Enjoy the chocolate as you like, you can eat, drink and even take a bath in chocolate nowadays with many a spa offering chocolate baths to keep the skin glowing, even in case you cannot afford to reach to spa, dont loose heart, you can browse through the site below and update yourself about the ingredients involved and order for the salts to prepare and relish the chocolate bath at your home also.