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Charlie Chocolate Factory

About Charlie and chocolate factory:-

In the year 1964 a book was written by a British Author Roald Dahl, which was a very famous book, which was first published in United States by Alfred A Knopf, Inc. Later George Allen & Unwin published it in United Kingdom in the year 1967.

All the children brought this book and repeatedly read this book, and this made the film industry people to think of making a movie, Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory in 1971. Charlie and chocolate factory in 2005. These companies produced a motion movie also. The movie gave good response from children and their parents. The story is ever green in every childs mind,.

About the story of Charlie chocolate factory:-

The complete story is about an young boy who was very poor and whose name was Charlie Bucket, Who lived in a small home. In the small home his parents and four sick people lived and not able to move; bedridden people were staying with him. Charlie was a very nice boy. He had kind heart for everyone. The complete family was in poverty, but still Charlie had love with all his family members. He was very much happy in eating Candy, and he had extreme wish and love towards Candy. Due to the poverty, his family members were able to provide him with one bar of Candy only on his birthday. Near to his home, Mr. Wily Wonka has his chocolate factory.

The factory was the largest chocolate factory in the world. Mr. Wily Wonka produced chocolates with good taste, the feel of the chocolate was inventive, and some time with new idea and with more flavors the chocolates innovative. Mr. Wonka was producing all kinds of sweets and other than sweet some ice cream, with the good effects of never melting over the hands. The chewing gum, which he produced with good and ever lasting flavor. Due to some reasons, Mr. Wonka closed his factory, and reopened with workers that are more efficient. He was forced to close his chocolate factory because of healthy competition, near his factory another factory started and they were able to make more good sweets, and the chocolate which they produced was melting immediately. This made Mr.Wonka to search of good mysterious and hard workers for his chocolate factory, he was able to find some people and re opened the chocolate factory. Mr. Wonka this time had new idea, that he created lottery system with each five bars of chocolate. The lucky ticket was hiding back of the wrappers. The finder of the luck will be allowed to tour the chocolate factory along with his one of the family members. Luck finder can up grade him self as chocolate maker. The entire globe enjoyed this new concept. Mr.Wonka was forced to close his factory due to stealers of his recipe. The chocolate recipe is highly complicated and if the recipe is collected, any one can make same like the original one.

The end of the story and the success of the Charlie Buckets success:-

The lottery system of the company was able to find good business for Mr.Wonka; he was able to make huge money. Our Hero Charlie Bucket was able to find the GOLDEN TICKET. This made his grand father Mr.Joe to rise from his bed, he was able to move out of his house for a walk, and he was able to be a normal person. Charlie Bucket beats four of friends and finds success to get the Golden Ticket. He was selected for the tour along with his grand father Mr. Joe. Finally, MR.Wonka takes Charlie Bucket and Mr. Joe for a flying tour. This is the complete story of the book Charlie Chocolate Factory. The story turned with lot of changes in the social and cultural. We will see all the changes in this content.

The changes in the Chocolate Market:-

Mr. Roald Dahl the Author for the Charlie Chocolate Factory, was earlier worked with Cadbury chocolate company, he was able to write clearly about all the machineries which makes chocolate, he was able to develop some more of ideas in making chocolate in his book. He has expressed his feeling towards the stealing of recopies with spies; all the successful chocolate factories guarded the secret of their recipe. The story was written before the forty years. At that, time there was were chocolate makers one is Cadbury, and the other one is Rowntree these two companies enjoying their high profit by stealing recipe of each other. Now they are safe guard the recipe. The impact of the story made to think of opening a chocolate factory in the name of Wily Wonka chocolates. The readers all over the world recognized all the characters of the story. Many chocolate factories referred this book for the development of their products, with new version, and new vision and more on the recipe. The Brazil Company started a new chocolate factory in the name of Nestle.

The storys criticism and the developments in the further editions:-

The Canadian children author read this story, and he has made lot of commands about the story Charlie Chocolate Factory. The name of the Canadian author Eleanor Cameron. Mr.Roald Dahl author of the Charlie chocolate factory edited again in the year 1973 and reproduced with the added materials in USA. In the revised version, Ooma Loompas is described with long and funny golden brown hair and with rosy white skin. The origin was changed in the new editions from Africa to Fictional Loompaland. The portrayals of Chinese character in the sequel were not changed and things still existing as it were earlier. Last year 11 July 2005, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory video game was released for the one of the big play station Sony Play Station-2. Alto Towers is a famous theme park held in Britain has opened a family boat ride with the added attraction of the theme Charlie Chocolate Factory around its park, completely based on the book. The boat was designed in the pink color. The river made as chocolate. The glass elevators and glass roof also made according to the book. We acknowledge our thanks to the website to provide you the above information.