Features of a Good NYC Rental Apartment


An aerial view of residential buildings in downtown NYC


Home is where the heart is, right? Well, not necessarily! We are sure that both owners and renters can agree that a home is where one is the most comfortable. Of course, what you find comfortable and what we find comfortable can vary. But, there are certain criteria almost all owners and renters can agree upon. And that will be our topic of the day. That is, today, we will talk about some features of a good NYC rental apartment that all owners should consider 'installing' if they want to rent out their apartments fast and for the highest price possible. So, if you are an apartment owner or if you plan on becoming one soon, it might be a good idea to stick around.


Walk Score

Baby boomers were the ones who wanted to live in a bigger house with yards somewhere outside of all the hustle and bustle. But, the ways of our parents and grandparents are not popular now. Millennials and Gen Zs are mostly interested in smaller apartments somewhere in the city center, that is, somewhere where the walk score is good.

A good walk score means no car is required to reach all the important places and finish all the errands. A bad one, on the other hand, means that you have to rely on some means of transportation. Trust us, 99% of New Yorkers will opt for the walker's paradise, that is, for an apartment that has a good walk score

It just goes without saying that one of the features of a good NYC rental apartment is the walk score. So, if you plan on investing in a rental apartment, be sure to find one that has these features, as this is one of those things that will help you get great tenants.



It is not a lie that the home security in NYC is not on a desirable level. Since this is such a big city, and since it is full of people from all walks of life, bad things tend to happen. Usually, those are things such as break-ins. So, to have a good NYC rental apartment, focus on its safety. If possible, buy an apartment in an area where the crime scores are low. Or, if you already have an apartment, make sure it is as safe as it can be. To make it such, you can, for instance, change all the doors and windows, invest in smart locks, put on security cameras, etc.

If your NYC apartment lacks this feature, trust us, your potential renters will be gone in no time. Just ask all the movers who keep moving them around the city. According to Roadway Moving professionals, unsafe apartments are the number one reason why people are moving.


Being Pet-Friendly

Did you know that 3 out of 5 New Yorkers are pet owners? Some own cats, some dogs, and some go a bit overboard and decide to take care of rabbits, parrots, snakes, etc. The type of pet doesn't really matter, but what matters is that you have a pet-friendly apartment! That is what will keep all those renters coming!
So, if you are a building owner or an investor, don't deter all those potential renters who are willing to pay anything to ensure a good life for their companions. What you can do is, for example, create a pet park outside the building or facility you are renting. This is a rather inexpensive feature and a feature that will draw all those renters looking to find a pet-friendly apartment (which, as previously said, almost everyone in NYC).


A woman holding her dog's paw.
Pet-friendliness is one of those features of a good NYC rental apartment.


Recent Renovations

Who likes to live in an old or outdated apartment? Nobody really! So, if you want to attract not only the best possible renters but any renters at all, make sure your apartment is renovated. Of course, you don't have to change everything - just focus on the things that are an eye sore. For instance, you can repaint the entire apartment, change tiles and floorboards, upgrade the lighting, replace the outdated furniture, throw out anything that is crowding the place, etc.

If the renters see that you treat your rental apartment with respect, they will know that you will treat them like that too. Trust us; once they sense that you are a good landlord, they will want to call apartment movers and move in as soon as possible. And, speaking of being a good landlord, you can also offer to find some moving assistance. It just goes without saying that the moving specialists are the best assistance, so offer to help your renters find them. Show that you care, and you will have the best people around you.


A Smart and Eco-friendly Home

As previously said, most of the people looking to find a rental apartment in NYC are millennials and Gen Zs, that is, younger people. And, younger people want their apartments to be young too - that means apartments that are smart ad eco-friendly. For instance, to have a smart home, you can add some gadgets inside - smart TVs, security cameras, high-speed connection, a high-tech toilet, etc. And, to have an eco-friendly apartment, you can add compost on the balcony, big pots for planting, energy-efficient lighting fixtures, etc.

Trust us; if you have a home with all of these features, you will attract buyers who will not have a problem paying a bit more. So, do your best to renovate and upgrade as much as you can! Moreover, do some more research - the internet is full of ideas that can help you choose the features of a good NYC rental apartment.