Useful Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment


You can consider your pet as a part of the family but it does not mean that your landlord does have the same opinion. According to some sites for apartment rent, for most apartments, it is possible to bring your dog. Some landlords strictly forbid the possession of any kind of pet. Anyway, whether your pet is canine or feline, or some other variety of nonhuman, here are some of the useful tips that will help you in apartment hunting.


Two dogs


Use Online Tools

You can use the advantage of the online tools. Some of the apartment hunting websites offer you filters for specific needs or demands. These filters will help you narrow down the apartment search. This will prevent the unnecessary disappointment of you falling in love with a place only to find out that your nonhuman friend is not welcome. Thanks to the filters and website listing only the pet-friendly apartments.


Private Landlords

In the cases where places do not declare themselves as pet-friendly, then you should find a list of the private landlords who are usually easier to make deals with regarding your furry friends. You can negotiate with them, even if they decide to increase the price of the apartment due to pet ownership, or you offer to pay additional money for your pet staying with you.


Support Animal

Before you give up on your perfect place you should check if you qualify for a support animal. Seeing service dogs following apparently healthy people is because service dogs are assigned to people with disabilities that are less apparent. If you suffer from emotional issues and you rely on the pet for comfort, then you are officially protected by the law. There are even boards deciding on the issue. If renters are diagnosed with an emotional disability and have a pet assigned, then landlords who forbid the pets in the apartments are breaking the law and risk discrimination charges.


Size Matters

If you still do not have a pet and plan to then you should consider getting a smaller and pet that will be easier to love. According to the building's pet policy pets should weigh between 20-50 pounds, so renters with a preference for petite dogs are already in the safe zone. These policies are for the best since the comfort of the bigger animals can be disturbed in small places and to have responses that are not good for the apartments. Sometimes, depending on the size of the dog, you can get a wooden dog crate that is a great solution for doggy naps, feeding, and sleeping during the night. Sometimes if your dog is naughty this will also be a great thing for calming them down.

Person on bed with tow cats


Pet's Resume

Believe it or not, apartment hunting is a competitive place to be. Sometimes trying to seal the agreement for the apartment can be more demanding than trying to land a job. For pet owners, it is not important only to present themselves in the best possible way, but your pets as well. When you are writing the resume try to reach out to the previous landlords, obedience trainers, dog walkers, and vets. They will give you reliable information on the pet's size, age, breed, certifications, and medical information. If it is necessary, then you should bring your pet with you so that your future landlords will have a chance to see them in person.


Offer to Pay Deposit

Sometimes you must speak the language of money. If you are renting an apartment from a private landlord then you can negotiate and offer more money to pay if they are not willing to allow the pets. This extra money will not only make them feel better about some possible damage in the apartment like scratched floors, stains of unknown origin, etc. but will make them see how much you are responsible for your pet's behavior. Additionally, some buildings can ask you for a deposit if you have a pet, and have higher rents for the people owning a pet.



Somehow a miracle happened and you have found a perfect apartment complying with all of your needs, is not far away from the job and is in a super friendly hood, is pet friendly. But, do not make decisions based on these things. You need to make sure that this apartment is good for your pet as well. Do some research and try to see if the parks and pet care services are near. Nowadays, buildings begin to offer daycare services for your pets, so if you are able to afford these apartments, then there is no doubt that both of you will enjoy your time.


When you are a pet owner then you should take care of more details than you could imagine. When it comes to apartments, there is little you can do about the rent regulations since that everything depends on the landlord. But, it is worth it, your pet is worth it.