Everything You Need to Know About Nespresso Machines


Any coffee aficionado - or addict - will tell you that that first cup of joe in the morning is not only essential but has the power to set the tone for the whole day. If you have a bitter or weak cup of coffee, it will put a damper on your morning and even make you feel a bit discombobulated. If you are interested in upping your coffee game, a Nespresso machine may very well be the ticket. It is something that most caffeine-heads end up investing in once they realize how much easier it makes things seem. But, maybe you are not sure yet what a Nespresso machine would offer you if anything. If you are on the fence, or about to purchase one but wary of any details you may not know, then this article is for you. Below are the things you need to know about Nespresso machines before you buy one.

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Pods Aren't the Same as Instant Coffee

Similar machines use pods that contain instant coffee, so a common misconception is that the Nespresso is the same. Of course, this isn't the case at all. The Nespresso pods don't contain instant coffee that transforms into liquid caffeine as soon as the hot water mechanisms hit it. In fact, they are finely ground coffee beans, which many people are impressed by since it doesn't seem as though the machine would have the capacity to process the pods properly. But, the quick flow rate and the high pressure it creates are passed through the coffee grounds, creating a silky smooth cup of coffee without any bitterness.


Consistent Quality

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Perhaps the main benefit of a Nespresso machine is that it takes the guesswork out of making a really good cup of coffee, and ensures that you have perfect results each time. If you think about it, you probably know that one day you've made a great batch of coffee, only to mess up another batch the next day. It can be frustrating because the secret to making great coffee relies on your capacity to deal with a bunch of variable factors. It boils down to different things like the grinds and coffee freshness, and how you manage to prepare it in general. But the machine, whether you decide on the Breville Nespresso or DeLonghi model, helps to make excellent coffee each time around, taking all the annoying variable factors out of the equation. Every single Nespresso machine brews coffee in the same way, the only difference being the extent to which the machine speeds up the process. Otherwise, the results are exactly the same and the espresso will always be great.


Cleaning is Simple

People looking to buy the Nespresso machine are usually intimidated by what is perceived to be a tremendous amount of cleaning. However, one of the things that make the Nespresso so popular is that it simplifies daily maintenance for all the laymen out there. Traditional espresso machines always needed a specialized pair of hands to clean them properly, and maintenance was always a huge ordeal. The Nespresso machine, regardless of the kind of model, is actually fairly user-friendly. In fact, it barely needs heavy-handed cleaning at all. The machine typically comes with a "descaling" function that helps to rid the machine of excess liquid and clean out itinerant coffee grounds, leaving you with a very clean piece of equipment without an ounce of effort on your part.

Environmentally Friendly

Some people tend to think that the Nespresso machine is completely terrible for the environment, and causes excess waste. It is hard not to see why, since such a seemingly high-tech machine that comes with pods would seem to suck up a ton of energy. In reality, Nespresso machines are built with environmental concerns in mind. All models of the machine are programmed to shut off automatically after a shorter time of inactivity, which definitely helps to save power. Also, the company offers a wonderful recycling program through which customers can recycle their capsules with wonderful ease. Nespresso sends recycling bags for the pods, which users are encouraged to bring to specific drop-off locations so that the company can undertake the work straight away. This is definitely one clear benefit of owning a Nespresso machine.

The Nespresso - regardless of the model you end up purchasing - is very user-friendly and offers excellent quality for the money. While it looks like something overly complicated, it is an elegant and streamlined machine that is easy to care for and presents an excellent cup of coffee or espresso every time.