20 Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom


Bedroom with neutral colors on the bed and sofa and wall


Inspire yourself from morning to night with refreshing, interesting bedroom ideas. With all sorts of decor and furniture, narrowing it down to the best bedroom for you may take time.

Starting is as simple as choosing a colour. From there, even if your space is small, there are thousands of ways to thoughtfully decorate a bedroom's interior to make it your sanctuary, aid you with relaxation, and craft your dream bedroom.

Don't add anything purely for style or trend. Your bedroom is yours. Use your colours and tastes and accommodate them. If you have medical needs or ways to set up your bedroom to make your life easier, follow through.

Here are some ideas for starting your renovation project.


Painted Ceilings

Paint your ceiling an unexpected colour for some real self-expression with an impact. Alternatively, make abstract art or a mural for your ceiling.


Try an Area Rug

Add a rug or runner to the floor if a painted ceiling is not your style. This can warm up the room, especially for cold flooring.



Follow a few ideas for your bedroom. Keep things simple and minimalistic. Use only what resonates with you and serves a purpose.


Cohesion In Furniture

Symmetry and matching furniture are big in bedroom interior design. Ensure a cohesive feel with your furniture, such as nightstands, table lamps, or wall art. The last thing you want is a hodgepodge.


Buy New Bedding

Bedrooms are only as warm, welcoming, and comfortable as their bedding. Your bedding has a big impact. Consider buying new premium bedding that is soft on the skin and in a preferred colour.


Find the Perfect Bed Frame

All bed frames are metal, upholstered, platform, ornate, or wood. You also have curvy and straight frames. Some frames are bold, and others subtle. Find yours.


Have a Wedge Pillow

As you redesign your bed, consider a wedge pillow. They help fight acid reflexes, make breathing easier, reduce snoring, boost circulation, and aid back pain. A wedge pillow can benefit anyone regardless of health status.


Eccentric Metal Accents

Many bedrooms are neutral. Break that down with an eccentric accent, such as a metallic piece in the bedroom. Add a creative twist.


Add Books

Even if you're not a big reader, consider a few books on your bedside table or a compact bookshelf in the room.


Fresh Flowers

Next to your books, consider a small vase with fresh flowers. Earthy, colourful tones work well in any bedroom.


Install New Light Fixtures

Remember to consider installing new light fixtures. They make for an easy personality pop.


Wallpaper and Wall Decals

Decorate your walls by applying patterns, decals, and wallpaper over the top. Do a single accent wall or tackle all of them. It's your pick.


Add Patterns in Other Ways

If wallpaper is not your preferred way of putting in a pattern, you can still do so through pillowcases, bedding, wall art, and more.


Hang Paintings

Bare walls need something. A series of paintings throughout your bedroom can give it a unique personality.

Bedroom with wall art


Don't Leave Any Corners Unused

Look for opportunities to take unused space where it seems bare and make it into something more. An unused corner can be turned into a small workspace, a place to put a plant, or an area to put an instrument.


Light-Filtering Curtains

Hang some nice curtains over your window. Treat the light coming in by filtering it through the fabric, or have your curtains ready to block light when you need privacy.


Feature Angles

If your bedroom has a strange angle to it – such as an angled roof or wall – design around it and highlight the unique feature. Don't try to hide it.


Reading Chair for Your Corner

A designated spot for cuddling up with your favourite book. A reading chair in the corner is cozy and perfect, but only if you have the space. For those who aren't big readers, having a chair in the bedroom still helps as you get ready and dressed for your day in the morning.


Music Station

Even if all it is is a Bluetooth speaker, set up a small music station where you can put on your favourite music, podcasts, or nature sounds to help you decompress, calm down after a long day, and fall asleep.


Warm Wood

More than any other solid material, wood is a favourite for the bedroom. Wood works in every style – modern, minimalist, farmhouse, rustic, and more. It's also a dynamic material that can be used in both decor and furniture.