Creative Ways to Personalize Your Rental Without Losing the Security Deposit


Two people holding boxes to personalize your rental without losing the security deposit


In so many ways, living in a rental is better than owning a home. Less responsibility, affordability and being flexible are advantages that help renters win in this game. However, rental lifestyle comes with one disadvantage — inability to make your home look just the way you like it. Landlords often don't want renters to make big changes in their home, and they don't allow adjustments and renovations. However, moving into a place makes you want to personalize, and truly make it feel like your home. Well, there are techniques to make any rental feel like your own. Let's explore all the creative ways to personalize your renal without losing the security deposit, making sure both you and your landlord are happy.


Make sure you know the rules

Sometimes, landlords will add all sorts of rules in the rental agreement, which is why you need to make sure you know all the rules first. Take a look at the contract and see what the things are you are (not) allowed to do. Leave nothing to chance, so you don't risk losing the security deposit. Sometimes, you'll need to ask for your landlord's approval before you make any changes to the place — which is fine, if that's the way you'll be able to customize your new home and make it a bit cozier. Communication is the key here, as some landlords will be happy for you to do some updates to the place and even share the costs if the changes make sense.


house keys and a small house on a piece of paper


Read the contract to see what you're allowed to do in your new rental.


Ways to personalize your rental — get creative and not lose your security deposit

Living in a rental doesn't mean it should feel like you're staying at a stranger's home. You can surely express your style and make the place unique without making big changes that will cost you the deposit. Here are some creative improvements you can easily make without crossing the limits of the rental agreement.


Add rugs

You might not be able to replace or refinish the floors in your rental, but you can surely cover them with rugs. These décocor pieces add dimension to the space, brighten up the room and add that layer of comfort and coziness your place needs. You can pick a rug of a unique style and material and express your creativity the best way possible, without making and changes to the actual floors. Some of the best tips for choosing rugs include:

  • Don't go too small - make sure your rugs are not smaller than your furniture and the area it covers. Rugs should extend under the furniture, even if the room itself is on the smaller side.
  • Make sure it's symmetrical - rugs should be symmetrical with the space and furniture around it, and there should be equal space left around it.
  • Don't run away from colors and patterns - rugs can really elevate the space and you can build a unique interior with them. Don't be afraid of colors, textures and patterns when choosing rugs for your rental.


Add art that doesn't hurt the walls

Your landlord may not be okay with you making holes in the walls. But there are other ways to add art to your living space. Bigger art pieces can go on the floor, while you can arrange others on a free-standing shelf, on the mantle or even against a window. Sometimes, a couple of interesting coffee table art pieces can spice up the room without any holes in the walls. Get creative with displaying your art and make your more unique and unconventional — the effect can be even better than classical hanging technique.


Add plants

Adding life to your space will surely make it cozier and enhance the overall space, but you can also use indoor plants to personalize your renal without losing the security deposit. Plants can look good in any place if you take good care of them or choose low maintenance ones that don't need a lot of care. Plants will also eliminate pollutants from the air, and make you feel a lot better in your new home. However, City Movers remind you that plants are not easy to relocate, and most of the moving teams won't take that responsibility. You'll have to find a way to safely move your plants on your own, or simply get new ones after you settle.


Replace handles

Hardware in your kitchen or handles on doors and cupboards are often underrated in home décocor. However, these can make a huge difference, and it's a project you should definitely consider if you want to update the space without making a big impact. Replace handles and knobs for an instant refreshment, but also a slight modification of the style. Switch classic handles with modern ones, or switch darks with bright-colored or gold ones and you can instantly get a new kitchen or cupboard.


Dress up the walls

You don't need to paint the walls to show your style and make the place feel like home. You can personalize plain white walls with a pop of color — just add a bit of removable wallpaper or even wall stickers. There are plenty of great options on the market that make your space look cool, elegant, and unique. They are easy to apply and take off, so you won't lose the deposit for sure. Washi tape is also a great way to personalize walls — it's simple to use, cheap, versatile and effective. Create lines and borders as you like and transform simple walls into eye catchers.


white walls, ladder and a chair


You don't need to have plain white walls even if you're renting — learn how to personalize your rental without losing the security deposit.


Use mirrors to make the space look bigger

Rentals often come with one more issue - lack of space. Renters usually have trouble with not only making the space practical, but also making it look airier and more spacious. Mirrors can help you do that without a lot of effort. Simply lean a tall mirror against a wall and you get a piece that reflects the light and makes the space look bigger than it is. There are several options to consider when moving to a small apartment to make the most out of your space and adding mirrors is a simple task that will trick the eye and visually enhance your living space.


Rentals can feel like home

These ways to personalize your renal without losing the security deposit show you that it doesn't take much to make any place a home, even if you're not the homeowner. Try not to stick to conventional home décocor techniques and play with your creativity to make a unique home without violating the rules in the contract.