College 101: 6 Tips On Finding The Right Student Housing


Going to college is always exciting for students, given the anticipated freedom and a change of routine from home life. Amidst this enthusiasm, one thing you must do right is house hunting. The apartment you live in and your neighbors or roommates significantly determine your overall campus experience.


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Looking for accommodation can sometimes be challenging, but you can make it with the right strategy. You have two options as a student; you can choose on- or off-campus apartments. In some colleges, housing units are limited; thus, many students resort to residing outside the campus. In other colleges, there are plenty of rooms, but students may voluntarily choose to live outside the school for some reason. Both options are valid, nevertheless. Here are some tips on finding suitable student accommodation:


1. Do An Early Search

Like you, many other students will also be looking for accommodation options. To stay ahead of the competition, you should start house hunting months before your semester starts. This gives you enough time to review all available options and grab the most affordable and appealing deals. Additionally, you get access to several housing options and the chance to make the best decision.

If you search early, you may also find most landlords give some offers. You're also likely to find accommodation closer to the institution if you go for the off-campus option. For instance, options like Arc residence are convenient for University of Manitoba students. Booking a room in advance ensures your semester starts stress-free.


2. Mind Your Budget

Housing is one of the largest college expenses. Rental charges vary due to some factors such as:

  • Location: Some cities are generally more expensive than others
  • Room size: As expected, bigger houses with spacious rooms cost more than smaller ones
  • Extras: Amenities such as a gym or a swimming pool may hike the rent

Considering your financial status before going for the most luxurious house units would be best. Aside from the rent, you'll need to buy furniture and fixtures for your new house. If you decide to live off-campus, you must also consider the daily transport cost and gas money for cooking. You must factor all these bits into your budget to avoid undue financial strain.

Coming up with a budget helps you go for the most affordable units. You don't have to break the bank by staying in expensive units. Search diligently for one within your budget. This way, you'll enjoy your campus stay without worrying over rent arrears.


3. Go Through Your Rental Agreement

Different landlords provide varying options for paying your rent. Some accommodations go for semestral payments, while others allow you to make monthly payments. You should capture these details when signing the deal to avoid future disagreements with landlords.

Also, there are rules and regulations that you're required to adhere to without fail. You must read through your rental agreement to get such details. Breaking them unknowingly may not be an excuse as you signed the legally binding contract.

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4. Consider Safety

Being in a new neighborhood, you must consider the safety of the place. Even if you do an internet search for student accommodation, it's essential to tour the area in person. The location and nearness to social amenities can determine the place's safety. Generally, avoid apartments that look isolated and far away from other establishments.

It'd be best to consider the housing conditions before renting. Some accommodations have security personnel, while others rely on camera surveillance to monitor who comes in or out. Others have biometric devices allowing you to enter the compound and lock out unregistered persons. All these are geared toward guaranteeing your safety.


5. Choose Your Roommates Wisely

Most onsite campus accommodations require you to have roommates. This could be one or two, depending on your college's policies. A roommate is someone you'll share most of your resources and time with. You must choose smartly to have an excellent experience. You also end up sharing some of the bills for your unit.

As such, you must conduct a screening before pairing up with anybody. Dig into their take on issues like cleaning duties, bringing friends to your house, playing loud music, drinking, and smoking. This will ensure you stay with a roommate of similar nature to yours to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.


6. Access To Other Amenities

As a student, you'll sometimes carry your classwork home, and you'll need to research online materials. Thus, choosing an accommodation offering Wi-Fi is critical. Aside from that, consider other crucial social amenities like a gym for fitness exercises and gaming rooms to help you unwind after classes. The absence of or non-proximity to such amenities will make your campus life boring.



The earlier you start house hunting, the better the chances of landing suitable accommodation deals. Thanks to the internet, you can search for student accommodation online. Review the comments from previous students to know their experience before settling on one. In a nutshell, invest enough time and effort in your search, and you're sure to find an apartment of your liking.