Can You Use Ladders For Window Cleaning?


While it's about to clean your windows, the first thing we ever think of is the ladder. But do you ever think about the regulations of your area? What are they saying about using ladders for window cleaning?

Your ladder can be used for reaching the right height for window cleaning. It can be dangerous if you lean the ladder against the window or want to reach the maximum height that your ladder can reach.

Before starting your work, make a plan to access your windows. Consider the environment, the window height you need to reach, and the load your ladder can carry.

Person on a ladder cleaning windows


Can You Use Ladders For Window Cleaning?

There are several companies available all around us who deal with window cleaning. They all use ladders for window cleaning with some safety. So, you can also use your ladders to clean your house window if there is low risk, and it's a short duration of work.

A window cleaning ladder could be the ideal tool for safely reaching your windows and washing them. These types of ladders are shaped like an A-shape. As a result, the ladder's top can rest between the bricks.

The tallest a-frame ladders for window cleaning allow you to use them in corners and tricky locations where a normal extension ladder would be difficult to fit.

Window cleaning ladders usually have deeply serrated rungs to provide the user with greater grip, which is crucial because you'll be cleaning windows with water.

Though you can easily use a ladder for window cleaning, you must know the laws of your area regarding this. Ladder accidents are among the most common in the USA.

Each year, about 300 individuals die due to falling off ladders. An estimated 160,000 patient visits the ER because of ladder falls each year.

According to UK Law, ladders cannot be used as a work platform at heights greater than 4 meters. This means you should only use ladders to gain access to windows higher than four meters.

In the UK, most window cleaners utilize water-fed poles for this reason. Water-fed poles are ideal for getting to hard-to-reach places. They will usually allow a safe reach up to 20 meters from the ground in most circumstances.


Is It Legal For Window Cleaners To Use Ladders?

As window cleaners use ladders, it is not illegal for them to do so. However, using a ladder for cleaning can be done, but they must comply with some regulations.

The law of 1974, the Health and Safety Act, compels employers to guarantee any kind of safety of their employees along with those who are harmed by their actions.

Employers and people in charge of work are required by 2005 laws to assure that cleaning work is adequately planned, supervised, and conducted by a qualified candidate.

This includes employing the most appropriate equipment for working at a higher altitude. These rules also are countable if you do cleaning by yourself at home. Rather you can use other equipment like telescopic water-fed poles; it'll be best for you.

While utilizing a ladder is not possible because of the height of your building, you have to choose an alternative. Otherwise, you can try to clean your windows from the inside or on a balcony.

If you can't find a suitable location for washing high windows, you'll need to invest in the necessary equipment. Furthermore, if the danger of falling is not decreased by using one of these approaches, you should take extra precautions.

You can do this by minimizing the distance and impact of any fall by using the appropriate fall arrest gear. Before going for window cleaning, make a plan to reduce the risk of your work.


Essential Tricks While Choosing Your Ladder For Window Cleaning

You'll need a ladder if you decide to clean higher windows. Climbing chairs and tables or putting chairs on tables to get higher can put your lives in danger. When utilizing a ladder for window washing, keep the following factors in mind:

Each ladder can only support a specific amount of weight. Confirm the maximum weight limit of the ladder before purchasing. If you go over it, you'll almost certainly get hurt. Eventually, the ladder could break or fold.

Ensure you select the appropriate ladder height. Many ladder injuries occur when people attempt a task using a ladder that is too short for window cleaning. Many homeowners try to stretch out or position the ladder on top of something to expand its height, which is a disastrous idea.

The first step to injury is to use an old or defective ladder. All ladders have an expiration date. When used, worn ladders are more likely to break, specifically if they have to hold too much weight.

Another major cause of injury is using a ladder in a way not intended by the manufacturer. Still have three points of contact while operating with this product: foot, foot, hand, or hand, hand, hand.


People cleaning windows. 
	One person on the ground, one person on a ladder


Things That Determine While Using A Ladder When Cleaning Windows

Here are some tricks that you should consider while utilizing a ladder when cleaning windows-

  • Location
  • While going for window cleaning, check out the location first. If the location is too busy, it could be risky for you to do this with a ladder. The ladder may also fall in an emergency, inflicting harm to nearby people or their property.

    As a result, you should plan ahead of time for cleaning and keep the people out of the risk zone until you're finished.

  • Height
  • Measuring the window's height is another essential work you must do. Using a ladder to reach low heights or windows that are slightly over flat roofs is permitted. Or you can use a stepladder too.

    As the gap is longer, you will need to use other tools, such as a long brush and a water-fed pole. Shorter persons or those who are not strong enough can also benefit from using such items.

  • Weather Condition
  • Whenever the weather is bad, it's impossible to work at heights. You should not use your ladder when the breeze is strong, or it's raining. It can put your life in serious danger, and a ladder is not appropriate in such a situation.

  • Types Of Surfaces
  • Putting your ladder on any surface is not a good idea. As a result, you must evaluate the surface to see if it is acceptable for the ladder to be placed on.

    If you believe the surface isn't capable of holding the ladder in position, don't jeopardize your life. Examine the ground to see if it's slick, muddy, uneven, or stable. Install the ladder only on a solid surface.

  • Tools & Materials
  • Before putting the ladder in place, figure out how you'll get other tools up the ladders, like your brush or cleaning solution. This is critical since even a minor error can cause you to slip off the ladder and hurt yourself.


Is It OK To Lean The Ladder On A Windowsill?

A windowsill can be slippery for your ladder to stay settled. They can be made of plastic, such as gutters, so leaning toward a windowsill can be a little bit risky.


What Should I Look For Before Using A Ladder?

Before going for window cleaning, make sure you do a pre-use ladder safety check. Through this checking, you can look for defects or imperfections in your ladder before you jump over window cleaning. When you spot any suspicious thing in the ladder, try another one.



Long story short, while using a ladder for window cleaning, you have to be more cautious about everything we've mentioned in this write-up. Before working, make sure that your ladder is ready for use.

You can easily clean your first-floor windows using an A-shape frame ladder. But further utilizing a water-fed pole can be less risky than using a ladder. Finally, hope you get all the essential information about using ladders for window cleaning.