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8 Useful Tips From Expert Lawyers To Help You Prevent Issues When Buying A Property

While it's not impossible to do, you should never buy a home in a way that leaves you with no paper evidence that you're now the rightful owner of the place.


Ensure the Win of Your Personal Injury Case With These Powerful Tips

If you get injured as the result of someone else's negligence, then you should fight to get compensated and for that person to be punished. In...

Shoe stepping on a nail

4 Factors That Point to Landlord Negligence, and What You Can Do About Them

Pack a suitcase or bag with a change of clothes, toiletries, maps, food and drinks. Include a game or two if children will...


Bucket, warning signs

What are the most common slip and fall accidents in Boston?

It is common to come to hear about car and bike accidents. Almost every day, everywhere dozens of accidents of different kinds take place. As a...

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Reasons why you need to hire an estate planning lawyer

An estate planning attorney is a lawyer who specializes in overseeing matters that relate to estate planning. They understand how the state and...



Move-In Letter: Provide new renters with the essential information they need to start a new tenancy. Click here to use this form to lay out topics too detailed to be outlined in the lease.

Landlord's Applicant Rejection Kit: Need to reject an applicant who hasn't made the cut to rent out your residential property? Click here for Nolo's comprehensive Landlord's Applicant Rejection Kit.

Power of Attorney for Real Estate: Do you want to give someone the authority to buy or sell real estate for you, or conduct other business involving real estate that you own? Click here to use this form.

Residential Lease Cosigner Agreement, Landlord's Version: Need to create an agreement that will protect you and your landlording business? Click here to use this form, valid for the life of the lease.

Landlord - Tenant Guides at Nolo: Are you a landlord or tenant needing legal information? Nolo has the answers to your questions - check it out today!

Amendment of Commercial Lease: Need to make changes to your lease? Click here to use this form to legally amend a lease and avoid having to sign a new lease agreement.

Agreement to Terminate Residential Lease: Need to move before your lease is up? Click here to use this document provided your landlord agrees to release you from your obligations.

Commercial Gross Lease: Need to create your own gross lease? Click here to use the Commercial Gross Lease form, containing everything businesses and landlords need to create their own gross lease.

Housesitting Instructions: Are you going somewhere and leaving your home in the care of a housesitter? Click here and use this form to leave your housesitter clear instructions for the care and maintenance of your home.

Move-Out Letter: Give tenants the information they need upon moving out to reduce disputes later on. Click here to use this form to lay out your inspection procedures and expectations for the unit once they've left.

Letter of Intent: Click here to use this form to e create a letter of intent and keep contract negotiations on the up and up.

Commercial Net Lease for Part of buildfing: Need to create a net lease for a space within a building? Click here to use this form, containing everything businesses and landlords need to create their own net lease for a space within a building.

Residential Rental Property Manager Agreement: Want to protect your property and your resident manager? Click here to use this form to create a sound written property manager agreement.

Consent to Background Check: Need to obtain consent to perform a background check on prospective tenants? Click here for this easy-to-use Consent to Background Check form.

How a landlord can maximize their tax deductions

Landlords, Maximize your tax deductions: Maximize your deductions without drawing the ire of the IRS. Since deducting expenses can make the difference between earning a profit and going into the red, use this book and get the most out of your rental properties!


How to get a Fiancè & Marriage Visa

Fiancè & Marriage Visas: Married or engaged to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and need to apply for a green card or visa? You can get through this daunting immigration process, but only with current legal information that covers your exact situation.
How to get a Fiancè & Marriage Visa


How to stand up to the IRS

IRS Troubles: Description IRS troubles? The Internal Revenue Service can wreak havoc on your life. But now you can confront America's most intimidating government agency with confidence. Get secrets, tips and insider information on how to deal with the IRS if you can't afford your bill or you get audited.


How to make your business an LLC

Make your business an LLC: Form Your Own Limited Liability Company provides you with the instructions and forms you need to create an LLC in your state.
How to make your business an LLC


How to write a business plan

How to write a business plan: How to Write a Business Plan has helped fledgling entrepreneurs-from small service businesses and retailers to large manufacturing firms-write winning plans and get needed financing.
How to write a business plan


How to legally enter or live in the USA

U.S. Immigration Made Easy: Legally enter or live in the United States with help from U.S. Immigration Made Easy. Learn how the immigration system really works and determine if you qualify for:

  • A green card based on family or work
  • A temporary visa
  • Another program or remedy such as asylum
  • How to legally enter or live in the USA


    How to lower your small business taxes / deductions

    Lower Your Small Business Taxes / Deductions: This book explains everything small business owners need to know to take advantage of the deductions they are entitled to. Organized into practical, easy-to-understand categories of the most commonly used business deductions.
    How to lower your small business taxes / deductions

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