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Aarp auto insurance

AARP is the short form for American Association of Retried Persons. This association is for the benefits of the senior citizens or for people who are over 50 years of age. Membership to this organization is available to anyone who is above the age of 50 years. With the help of this organization you can get some really nice auto insurance benefits. There are different types of AARP auto insurance programs that are available. One of these programs is the AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford.

This program offers a number of benefits like

You can have savings of $317 in the first year itself

You can have full time 24-hour claim access. You can make claims either through online forms or by phone also.

They have an online customer care service that would manage the auto insurance policy for the customers

They also have an online billing section where you can either pay, confirm or check the billing status.

They also offer new car replacement guarantee

They also have the benefit of life time repair warranty

You also have a lifetime renewal offer

Usually the auto insurance companies use the statistical history to calculate the rates to be charged but for the AARP policy holders the rates are determined based on the loss history. The AARP auto insurance is not a group insurance and the rates charged would be based on the individual features like driving history, type of vehicle, violations, and accidents, use of the vehicle etc. Besides this the AARP auto insurance program also offers coverage for domestic partners, as they are very adaptable in realizing that the customers can be in need.

If you complete your driver safety program then you would be offered a discount of 10%. This is however an exception for the state of New Jersey. This discount is valid for a time period of 3 years. However if you meet with an accident then there are chances that you premium would go up. In case it is the fault of the other driver who is insured then the premium is likely to increase when you renew your membership. The amount would vary from one state to another.

Even if you meet with an accident your AARP policy is not cancelled till the time you meet with the requirements are met like:

You pay your premiums on time

You have a valid driver's license and are physically and mentally fit to drive the vehicle.

You have not been charged of driving while intoxicated

You have not obtained the policy by providing misinformation.

Apart from the AARP benefits there are a number of companies that offer special savings rental offers to AARP members. These companies include National, Aviz and Hertz.

Having AARP auto insurance is a good option for people who have crossed the age of 50 they get a number of benefits from both AARP as well as other companies.

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