9 Innovative Ways to Improve Student Engagement in Your Classroom


The education system has changed by leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Especially after COVID-19, the global educational setup witnessed a herculean shift from offline to online. As things are getting normal gradually, brick-and-mortar academies and institutions are once again opening up.

However, students may not be able to engage properly in an offline setup. After having prolonged exposure to virtual study sessions and finding the opportunity to pay for essay writing, they may be reluctant to learn. And this may pose one of the biggest hindrances to the global education scenario.

Teachers are trying their best to keep students focused, attentive, and engaged during lectures. If you are also looking for suggestions to improve student engagement in the classroom, this blog can be extremely helpful for you. Let's dive deeper and know more!

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Organize Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming is more like a life skill in today's competitive age. And when you foster this in-demand skill in your students, they tend to show more engagement and interest. The more interactive a class is, the more enjoyable it is for students.

Encourage your students to share their opinions, discuss new ideas, come up with solutions, and defend their points with valid arguments. Guide them to use their creative mindset for critical problem-solving. Such activities keep learners on their toes, and they never feel bored in the class.


Rely on Digital Storytelling

Teaching is all about creative storytelling. If you are an efficient storyteller backed by extensive knowledge, you are undoubtedly a capable and trustworthy teacher.

Today's tech-savvy students prefer digital storytelling over conventional teaching methodologies. You can guide them to an EssayService for their assignments and let them utilize this time for other productive activities. Try using videos, infographics, music, relevant sound effects, etc., while imparting knowledge. Your digital inclination will remove the blockage of boredom, and students will actively participate in studies.

In fact, online mba programs canada rely on technology to teach students and share study materials. Seeing how immersive technology has become in the educational sector, this is the way forward.


Try Switching Classrooms

Sitting in the same old classroom every day can get a tad bit dreary. Try flipping classrooms to spice things up. Talk to the authorities and make suitable arrangements.

For a few weeks, shift to a new classroom. Things can turn out too well if the new room is well-lit, ventilated, and has vibrant color schemes. You can also try to take some classes outdoors. We cannot emphasize enough these minute but highly impactful factors. This temporary switch can give students a much-needed break from the monotony of the old room.


Replace Traditional Boards With Smart Boards

Traditional blackboards have already been replaced by green and white ones in the past few years. However, students today enjoy learning from a smartboard. These digital smartboards have brought a revolution in studying. Use one for recording attendance, explaining concepts, and allocating tasks.


Establish Collaborations and Team Projects

Form small groups of students or encourage them to collaborate with classmates for projects and other assignments. Students tend to show more curiosity and engagement in group activities as compared to solo assignments.

Make sure you are not forcing students into troublesome partnerships. Use your experience to team them up or give them the freedom to choose partners and teammates by themselves.


Ask Questions to Keep Students Involved

Simply explaining and narrating things can make the lesson look quite passive. Instead, start asking questions that bring value to the students. Do not end up asking "yes/no" questions. Rather, seek elaborative answers. Motivate the students to come up with unique answers and help them avoid the herd mentality. This will enable them to think creatively and introduce a variety of perspectives to the classroom.


Add a Touch of Humor to Your Teaching Style

Your presence inside the classroom should not be a reason for discomfort or anxiety among the students. Make sure your students love to attend your class. This can be accomplished by blending humor with your teaching methodology. Give students ample reasons to laugh with you. Using subtle humor while imparting knowledge can bring down the level of monotony in the class.


Start Accepting Assignments in the Form of Blogs, Podcasts, or Videos

Forget age-old assignments and switch to modern-day trends. Let students submit their assignments in the form of podcasts, blogs, or recorded videos. Allow them to experiment with their styles and expressions.

Let students explore their potential capabilities with the freedom of assignment formats. The shift to digital trends will jazz things up for them, and they will start showing an increased interest in academic projects.


Do Not Restrict Your Lectures to the Four Walls

Once in a while, organize your class under the clear sky amidst nature. You can choose a relevant setup as per the lesson you are teaching. Students, thus, will be able to connect more deeply to the subject. Also, teaching outside the conventional four-walled setup can increase the level of student engagement manifold.


Wrapping Up

A teacher's success can be measured by their students' curiosity, interest, attention span, and connection with what is being taught. If you wish to make your classroom sessions more engaging and exciting, try using the tips and hacks mentioned above. Your positive efforts will surely bring a desirable outcome soon.