7 Different Boston Neighborhoods for Students


Students starting at college know that there are going to be lots of essays and editing to do in the near future, which is scary in and of itself, but they also are going to be looking for affordable Boston suburbs to live in. For many people moving to a big city, they may not be familiar with the different neighbourhoods in the area.

For new students in the Boston area, here are some great suburbs of Boston to live in:




Allston/Brighton is the Best

The Allston/Brighton neighbourhood is usually among the first choices for a college student to live, because, and let's face it, it's close to everything! If you're going to Boston University or Boston College, they are both a short walk away.

The accessibility of all of the nearby post-secondary institutions has made this one of the more affordable places to rent and to live. There is plenty to do here, besides writing an essay or find an editor to edit a dissertation. This area doesn't just boast universities, but also a vibrant nightlife, affordable places to eat, and even great live music.


The Best Baseball Fans Live at Fenway-Kenmore

If you didn't grow up in Boston, but you are a Red Sox fan, then the Fenway-Kenmore is the best place for you to live. This is the very centre of sports-tourism in the Boston Area and a dream for baseball fans to be able to go to school and then sleep and breathe baseball the rest of the time.

It's also because this neighbourhood is also a Boston college location for MassArt, the Wentworth Institute of Technology, and Wheelock College, among others, that the rent here is also quite affordable. This makes it one of the cheapest places to live near Boston.


Experience the Best in Diversity at Jamaica Plain

For scholars who are looking for a diverse place to live and multiculturalism, Jamaica Plain is one of the best places to live in Boston. This area is also great for students looking for something best suited for their budget. For anyone looking to stay in shape, Jamaica Plain also has easy access to boating, running, and cycling.

This area might mean a bit longer of a commute to school, but for those who love it, the artistic influence, locally-owned restaurants, and relatively low rent make it worth it.


Dorchester is one of the More affordable Boston suburbs

This is the place to go for a student who wants to be able to get cheaper rent, so they have time to find an essay editing service. Don't mistake this for some kind of place that it's not, though. The people in Dorchester take pride in their neighbourhood and students can say edit my essay, Edubirdie here just as anywhere else to access the best essay editing service. This is also a neighbourhood that looks like it's starting to attract the more fashionable end of the spectrum, as well.


It's Cambridge for the Intellectual professional

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are located here, Cambridge is the best location for students going to those prestigious schools. Here, you will see both a smartly dressed professional and students going to the local bar and arcade, A4cade.

The rent in this area is relatively inexpensive, but for students attending Boston University, the commute is longer. The bus ride to the thriving Boston downtown is pretty short, though.


The Back Bay has the Best for More

If you're a student who can afford to spend more money on an annual basis and are looking for the best service and hospitality that can be found, the Back Bay is right down your alley. Having the highest rent in the city, it boasts a short walk to Emerson, Suffolk, and the Berklee College of Music.

For those who eschew the bar for a fun afternoon of shopping, this is the district for you. A walk around this area doesn't just have exclusive boutiques; it also boasts some of the most interesting historical buildings in Boston.


It's Brookline for Students Looking for the Best Quiet Location

Near both Fenway and Brighton, this is the place where online research won't be interrupted by loud parties or lots of beeping traffic. As not all students want to be exposed to the beat of the nightlife or the roaring crowds of the stadiums, a nice, quiet alternative is always the best one, which is Brookline.

The people who live here consider it to have all of the amenities of the city and all of the tranquillity of a suburb. The rent there is also considered to be at a fairly low cost.