The Student's Guide to Finding an Apartment


Finding an Apartment - sounds so easy, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare. The market is flooded with apartments that are too small, dark, humid, or far away from your campus. All the good apartments seem to have been taken, and the few left are too expensive. Add to this the sense of time running out, and you've got yourself a freshman trying to balance college work and apartment seeking.


What Matters When Looking for a Flat

To avoid these disastrous scenarios, follow our tips for finding the best apartment for your student's days. Believe it or not, not all is lost when your flat applications get declined a few times. Finding the best apartment for students takes time, skill, and perseverance but will return the best possible results.

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So, if you're asking yourself daily how to find the best apartment this fall, look no more. When looking for an apartment, you should:

  1. Have enough free time to look for an apartment,
  2. Gather several sources where you can look for an apartment,
  3. Understand what the perfect apartment for you is, and
  4. Apply for shortlisted apartments,
  5. Check them out, and
  6. Be prepared to answer a few questions from the landlords.


Free Up Times

Freeing up time is essential in looking for a place to stay. You can always ask yourself: who can do my assignment for me? You can use the extra time you have on your hands to look for your ideal living space.


Gather Resources

Many newspapers, websites, and University bulletin lists have a lot of ads for apartments that are vacant or soon to be vacant. Although newspapers may not be the most practical choice, consider that most apartments are owned by the elderly, who may not know how to make the same listing online. Furthermore, you can check out FB groups and Reddit. There are tons of people who can help a college student.


Think About Your Ideal Apartment

Once you have somebody to write a college essay for money, use the extra time to think about your ideal apartment. Try to think about what is most important for you. What should your ideal apartment have that the one you're staying in does not. Some of our recommendations to think about include:

  • Proximity to the campus,
  • A supermarket, post-office, library, restaurant, Starbucks, etc. close by,
  • It should be light,
  • It should not be too big (big apartments cost more to heat),
  • It should not be too old - old places have issues with installations, running water and hot water supply,
  • It should be sound-insulated (not essential, but it helps during the exam season).

What other things do you consider important? Some decide to study abroad and use cheap foreign real estate. To do so, you should find a real estate agent, translate documents and spend a lot of money. If this is your way, go for it!


Shortlist and Apply For

Once you know what you are looking for, shortlist the apartments you have at your disposal and start applying for them. There are a lot of sites where you can learn how to choose the best apartment, get some inspiration. It's the same as WritingUniverse in a world of online essay writing, they already have the best samples to inspire by. Do not spend too much time on the phone with the landlord: rather, try to be clear and concise and arrange a show date. Try to call as many people as you can, and always write everything down.


Go for the Showing

If the apartment is what the ad said, it would be congratulations. Many showings turn out to be a disappointment. You should know that finding a good apartment is difficult enough already. Ask your landlord any questions you may have.


Be Prepared

Be prepared to answer the questions that the landlord may have. Your funding source, your interests, nightlife, and the deposit usually come to mind. Always think beforehand and prepare for a kick-*** interview.

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Finding an apartment is not easy. When you're a student, everybody expects you're loud, lack discipline, and basic hygiene. However, staying on track and not letting any rejections bring down your spirit is the way to go. Follow our tips for a great experience in finding your dream place.


Barbara Fielder

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