6 Easy Steps You Can Take To Find Your New Home


Finding a new home can be highly stressful. It's not every day you make this big decision that will impact at least a few years of your everyday life. This is why we've come up with six easy steps to help you find your new home.


Set a budget

One of the first things you should do before looking for a new home is to set a realistic budget for it. It is very useful to calculate how much you can afford on your own, and then a lender can tell you how much money you qualify for. It is usually recommended that no more than 30% of your gross monthly income should be spent on housing costs. These costs include interest, property taxes, insurance, and association dues. This will help you set a proper budget for your new home and manage expectations. Ultimately, there are online apps that can help you do this quickly.

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Save for a down payment

Another significant step you can take to find your new home if your budget is low is to save for a down payment and closing costs. A down payment is a big, one-time payment that many lenders require because it mitigates their losses. Even if you have a sure home in mind, you won't be able to get it without a down payment. Another thing you need to save up for is the closing costs. These refer to the fees you need to pay to get a loan and will depend on the loan type you're getting.


Find the right real estate agent

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A critical step towards finding your new home is hiring the right real estate agent. No matter if you want to find a home for sale in Edmonton or a penthouse in New York City, the right real estate agent is vital. Real estate agents will provide you with helpful information from homes in their area that otherwise isn't easily accessible to the public. This kind of knowledge, negotiation skills, and familiarity with the neighborhood can be of extreme value. It's essential to relocate from an entirely different city, which you know almost nothing about. This can also help save you from living in a dangerous area.


See homes in person

Once you've settled your expenses and found a perfect real estate agent, it's time to go shopping! This means it's time to scroll through the listings your real estate agent gave you and actually to see your potential new home in person. Make sure to get a proper walk-through since you might only see that home only once before you move in. In addition to this, it's important to take as many photos as you can with your phone that will help jog your memory later on. You should also be on the lookout for any potential harmful damages to the property, such as mold and water or heating problems.


Choose wisely

Once you've seen all the potential homes in person, it's time to make a decision. This is where you really have to sit down and go through all the photos you took of the properties you visited. Buying a home doesn't happen very often, and the decision you make now will affect your everyday life for the years to come. Things you should take into account are the budget, down payment and closing costs, and ultimately the size and the feel of the house. It won't matter that it fits the budget well if you don't like it. Once you make up your mind, it's time to call your real estate agent as fast as possible.


Make an offer

Last but not least, once you've gone through all of the five steps above, it's time to make an offer. This means deciding how much money you want to offer and any requests you may have. Your real estate agent will then present the offer to the seller's agent, who will either accept or enter negotiations and give a counteroffer. If you agree to all of the requests, the home can now be yours. Make sure you have enough saved up for closing costs too, which will finally mean that you have found yourself a new home.


Finding a new home doesn't have to be so hard, especially if you follow these simple steps. The first steps are always financial, but ultimately, the rest will depend on how good your real estate agent is. Be sure to pick the right one.



This article was published on 12/22/2021.