The Reasons Why It's Important To Have Air Conditioning


Living or working in a hot, humid and stuffy place will not be conducive to your health or productivity. This type of environment is not somewhere you would want to live or work in if given the choice. But air conditioning is so much more than keeping your home or work place cool. If you're considering having air conditioning installed in where you reside or work, here are some reasons why it's important.


Better Air Quality

Air conditioners circulate air, whilst also filtering it. As it does this, it removes pollutants and mould from the air that you would otherwise be breathing in. Doing this helps to minimize the irritants that could trigger allergies or even an asthma attack. They can also prevent dust mites from breeding in those damp places that exist around your home. However, air conditioning will only be effective if it's regularly cleaned and maintained, as touched on by Billy Aircon servicing and repair and without this care, your air conditioning could actually contribute to indoor air pollution. This could trigger asthma and allergy attacks, as well as affect the air quality in your home.

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Fewer Insect and Parasites

Insects can be so annoying, especially mosquitos baying for your blood when you're trying to sleep or that fly that keeps hovering around your meal, as you're trying to eat. However, they can also be dangerous for those with allergies. But with air conditioning, windows don't need to be open, meaning less insects flying into your home. It can also help to keep fleas off of your pets and keep ticks at bay, which is a definite plus in our book!


Better Sleep

Lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on our physical and mental health, especially if it's prolonged. It can affect our memory and concentration, as well as make us feel short-tempered and agitated. When the weather is extremely hot, it can make it hard for us to sleep as our own body temperature is also higher than normal at this time. An air conditioner can not just make our homes cooler, but also facilitate a good night's sleep by lowering our internal body temperature.


Keeps Electronic Devices Cool

With our increasing reliance on technology and the internet, we tend to be using more electronic devices than ever. We are often unaware about the length of time they are working. The longer they are used, or if they're being used when charging, they can often become warm or heat up. This is why many devices come with guidance about how they should be stored and looked after.

When the weather is hot and our home or work place is unbearable, our devices will naturally become even warmer and be prone to overheating or burning out components. This could potentially cause a fire, loss of data or requiring repairing, which no one wants to experience. With an air conditioner, your home or work place will stay at a consistently bearable temperature, thus avoiding your devices overheating and causing problems.


Protects Furniture

Just as your devices are at risk for malfunctioning, your furniture can also get damaged in hot weather. This is because heat and humidity can cause ruin to furniture materials. Wood can become warped if exposed to hot or cold weather for prolonged periods. It's the moisture it gains and loses that causes this.

Leather can rot if it absorbs too much moisture. In fact, anything that absorbs moisture will eventually rot. However, an air conditioner can stop this because it's able to regulate your environment's temperature to something bearable, rather than something extreme. This means you won't need to consistently replace items that become damaged by hot and humid weather.


Protects Your Home

When we're desperate for fresh or cooler air, one of the things most of us do is open our windows or external doors. Once we've done this, we usually carry on with what we're doing, which could be cooking, eating dinner or relaxing on your sofa. We're not policing every open window or door because we're in our own home. Even though we're keeping cool, we're not keeping an eye on who may be entering our home.

Unfortunately, leaving our windows and doors open is a security risk and leaves our home as well as our loved ones exposed to the unwanted advances of strangers. It's a risk not worth taking, and you don't have to with air conditioning. There's no need for leaving windows or doors open because it will automatically leave you cool.


These are just some reasons highlighting the importance of having air conditioning in your home and place of work. Considering it can improve your health, quality of sleep, protect your belongings and keep your pet free from fleas and ticks, these reasons are pretty compelling. But having air conditioning isn't enough: you also need to ensure it's regularly maintained, so it does all these things and more for you.

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