Why Is Steel a Good Building Material?


Have you noticed that steel is replacing wood as a building material in the recent building structures? Well, steel is becoming the first choice for modern construction architectures. The modern structures are mostly built with steel as it's more resistant to natural disasters. Steel helps to build the skeleton of a structure and this provides the foundation of your building. You may use steel in different building types.

The most common type of steel-framed building is a barndominium. They are strong and designed to withstand all types of weather conditions. The number of Barndominium buildings is rapidly increasing. There is no problem in constructing barndominium buildings in Louisiana or in any other state. It's affordable and will help you to build a more unique and accessible residence.

So, why is steel a good building material? There are numerous advantages of using steel over any other material. Whether you're the architecture or the building owner, using steel will surely make you build better. Check out this article to discover what makes steel special and why it is recommended as a building material -


Why Is Steel a Good Building Material

A mechanic welds steel that makes sparks fly


Architects prefer steel for modern structures. It has more adaptability than any other building material. You may wonder what are the benefits of using steel for buildings. Let's check out the advantages of steel in construction -

  • More Resistant

  • Steel is engineered to survive natural disasters. A steel-framed building will withstand hurricanes, corrosion, and earthquakes better than any other material. As steel is a more ductile material it bends considerably before breaking, so there won't be any damage in extreme conditions. In addition, steel is also resistant to humidity and water. So, the structure built with steel is completely safe from water or flood. For earthquake-resistant material, steel is undoubtedly the top choice so far. The material also absorbs the high tension from seismic waves.

    Earthquake is not the only natural disaster on earth and the building should be designed to withstand others as well. Using steel will save the construction from fire as steel is non-combustible and fire-resistant. Using steel for structures will save your building from getting damaged and there will be less maintenance every year.


  • Design Friendly

  • Steel is the first choice of today's architects. It provides them the freedom to get different shapes and textures. Steel comes with easy installation and will boost the construction speed. It gets you the skeleton of your structure instantly. As steel can be bent at different angles, there won't be any problem for an architect to experiment with different shapes for the design. This is why we are getting unique designs and shapes in modern buildings.

    Steel is replacing wood and concrete because of its adaptability and durability. If you are designing something giant or unique, steel will make it easier for you to get the structure.


  • Efficient

  • Steel is highly efficient and will save your time and budget as well. Assembling steel parts is pretty easy and can be done on-site. Assembling steel parts will require you less labor than usual. You will be able to eliminate the labor cost by using steel. For large-scale projects, steel is going to bring you tons of benefits.


  • Environment Friendly

  • Here comes the most important point. Steel is environmentally friendly and doesn't have any bad impact on the environment. It produces less wastage compared to the other building materials. It's possible to get the exact amount of steel for a project. So, there will be less leftover or wastage on a building that was built of steel.

    Steel is relatively easy to recycle. Approximately 85 percent of used steel is recycled. The recycling process consumes only one-third of the energy required for the usual process.


What Is The Advantage Of Steel Over Concrete?

construction made out of steel


Concrete is another common building material for construction purposes. Modern buildings such as Burj Khalifa or Willis Tower are built with steel. So, why do modern architects prefer steel over concrete? Check the major points below -

  • Strength

    The strength of the steel structure is beyond explanation. It can be guessed by looking at the giant structures all around the world. Most of the giant structures are built with steel. Steel includes a higher tensile strength compared with the concrete material. The structure will be less likely to collapse if it's built with steel.

    Concrete also performs well if it's mixed well. Concrete endures high heat for a long span and also offers protection from explosions.


  • Cost

    Steel is going to save you a lot on both material costs and labor costs. Constructions with steel require fewer labor hours as there is less resizing and maintenance compared with the concrete structure. Steel-frame helps to get the foundation or the skeleton instantly. You don't need to wait to get the material formed.

    Concrete buildings are more focused on labor. They require a longer span to get formed. The more duration the construction takes, the more costly it will require. Using steel will eliminate this cost of labor.


  • Less Wastage

    Concrete buildings are not eco-friendly compared to steel. They produce lots of waste and leftovers once the construction is done. It's quite impossible to use or recycle the wastage of a concrete structure.

    Steel, on the other hand, is the most recycled material in the world. For green buildings, steel is the first choice of architects. It takes less than one man hour to produce one ton of recycled steel. Thus, you are having the perfect material for your structure by ensuring less impact on the environment.


    Bottom Line

    As an architect or owner, you will definitely prefer completing the building structure with the most efficient material. Steel will be the best option available for you in this case. Doesn't matter what's the scale of your project, using steel is going to save you money and will also help you to complete the structure fast. If you want to cut the labor cost and as well as the construction cost, go for steel without any second thought.