What Type of Heating is a Good Choice For Your Apartment?


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If you live in cold regions, there is a high chance that you need some kind of heating for your apartment. Heaters as the name implies, generate heat and warm up your apartment on a cold day. There are many different types of heating that you can choose for your apartment. Some people may prefer to use a gas heater, while others may prefer an electric heater. It all depends on what your preferences are and your lifestyle. So, which one is the best choice for you? Find out as you keep reading.


Central Heating

Central heating is often used in large buildings, such as apartment complexes. It is the most efficient way to heat up your whole living space. Central heating consists of a main system that's usually powered by gas or oil and distributed throughout pipes under the floor. This makes it much easier for you because once you turn on your central heater, it will keep your whole apartment warm with the same temperature.



A furnace is a great choice if you want to get warm air all over your apartment. As long as you find a reliable oil heater service and a metal exchanger, you shouldn't have any problems. It consists of an indoor unit that sends the hot air into your home and an outdoor unit that stores the heat or cools down for slow release in winter and summer. Furnaces are very efficient because they work like central heating. But if something goes wrong, you will know that it is not just one room but your whole house that's getting cold. So, if you live in a place where the temperature can drop to -30℃ (-22℉), furnaces are probably your best option.


Perimeter Heating

Perimeter heating is another efficient way to heat up your apartment. It is very similar to central heating except there is no main system that keeps all the rooms at the same temperature. It works by distributing air through a UFAD ductwork that's been installed on the perimeter of your apartment. This will provide heat in the winter. If you prefer to have different temperatures for your bedroom, living room, etc., perimeter heating is a good choice for you.


Trench Heating

Trench heating is one of the most common methods for heating your apartment. Trench heating works by installing loops of piping directly under the floor and pumping hot water through them to keep warm. The good thing about this type of heating is that you can program the temperature for each room, which makes it easier to get ready in the morning or get back from work.

There are no room-facing radiators involved in a trench heating system. This makes it a great choice for you if you have delicate art pieces in your apartment that you do not want to have hot air blowing at them.


Electric Heating

This type of heating usually consists of a panel with electric coils inside and blows hot air to warm up your apartment. Electric heaters are very easy to install and remove if you prefer not to use them during certain seasons or maybe for some time. But, be careful because if you forget to turn off the heater before going out of your apartment, it can be quite disastrous for your place.


Gas-Fired Space Heater


Gas-fired space heaters are good for only small rooms since it doesn't provide heat for your whole apartment. It is a good choice for people who don't want to have a permanent heating system in their apartment. It draws air from outside and heats it up, so there is a chance that the hot air may not reach everywhere inside your apartment.

This type of heating is very efficient because it only heats the room you're staying in during those cold days. So, if you want to heat up one specific room in your apartment, gas-fired space heaters are a great choice for you.


Radiant Floor Heat

Radiant floor heat is great if you have decided to remodel your apartment. It works by installing water pipes under the floor and when they run with warm water, heat is then diffused by the system into the room using the floor as a large radiator. This type of heating is a very good choice for you if you have a lot of money to spare and want to change the look of your place all at once, making it more comfortable for you.


These are some of the most common types of heating that you can use in your apartment. It all depends on what kind of lifestyle you prefer and what kind of heating is more efficient for you.


In addition to choosing the right type of heating system for your apartment, it's crucial to consider the importance of heating repairs. Regardless of the heating method you opt for, regular maintenance and prompt repairs are essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity. If you encounter any issues with your heating system, such as uneven heating, strange noises, or reduced efficiency, it's advisable to seek professional heating repair services promptly. Neglecting heating repairs can not only lead to discomfort in your living space but may also result in more significant issues and increased energy costs. Regular inspections and timely repairs will help you enjoy the full benefits of your chosen heating system and maintain a cozy and efficient home environment.



This article was published on 01/10/2022.